Huawei P20 Lite Review: World’s best-selling midrange phone

Amidst the praises Huawei is getting for the P20 and P20 Pro, it seems like people are forgetting that there’s a shy midrange variant in the series. A variant that doesn’t have any camera branding and high price tag.

This is our Huawei P20 Lite Review.

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  1. I don’t know if I should get it. I wanted a cheap phone to last me so a few recommended the iPhone 6s Plus. I end up buying it 2/3 months ago. Biggest mistake of my life. The camera is the worst so is t battery which was expected. But ya few days ago my home button broke. I refuse to pay money to fix this as I payed to fix the battery and camera yet it’s the same. I’m going to buy a huawei as I’ve tried android and apple and didn’t like either. Can someone recommend me a cheap huawei.

  2. Hello can you compare it nokia 4.2 as they said on review that games are better on nokia 4.2 but I look om the specs that nokia 4.2 has lower specs. Thank you. Hope you van vs it with nokia 4.2. Thanks

  3. This phone is trash I was forced to use it for 6 months and I hated it . When I got the chance I immediately sold it . The user experience is average and it lags all the time . The cameras are really not that great especially if you consider the fact that it doesn't have any kind of stabilization and when zooming everything becames super blurry . The battery is actually the only good thing about this phone with its design. I now have Samsung s8 which I baught for roughly the same price but used and I feel like I am using a phone that costs 100 times more . You should never buy this phone .

  4. Very very disappointed with this phone. Love the looks and and the features so decided to give one to my wife for Christmas. However…when we started configuring it we bizzarly found the NFC feature completely missing!!!! The ability to shop using your phone in stores was one of the main reasons for upgrading my wife's phone in the first place!!! What is really upsetting though in that both the major stores selling this phone where we live state on the specifications that this phone does in fact have NFC but it doesn't!!!! I am shocked at this because I thought NFC was a very standard feature present on much cheaper phones than this one!!! I want to return the phone but despite them getting it wrong in their Web site, the store claim there is nothing wrong with it!!!!!


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