If You Use Windows Phone Then Read This News

If You Use Windows Phone Then Read This News

The world’s largest messaging app WhatsApp now in Windows Phone will not. As you know that WhatsApp has phone support closure is announced. On December 31, after any Windows Phone WhatsApp will not run while a February 2020 after the old Android phones also WhatsApp support will be closed.

According to information I had already some Windows Phone support was closed. At the moment these messaging app for Windows 8.1 and above version was running on but now these headphone also on WhatsApp will not. WhatsApp Microsoft on the AppStore also have been removed.

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You know whats the world’s most popular messaging app in India and also millions of people this app to use it. It contains text message in addition to voice call and video call also facilitates. Of its popularity due to its quite simple and user friendly is said to be.

WhatsApp has also released a statement

Available information according to the Windows Phone, Android phones and iPhones to the old version in the WhatsApp support give off to. The official blog WhatsApp has confirmed this and told that if you have Android 2.3.7 phone then you soon as I get off will be while iOS 7 users to even support will not get. Moreover, the Lumia headphone also support off is nearing.

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Being told that the old operating system on the new features do not support you. WhatsApp as a new feature ups and almost daily new updates released is in such a old operating system them I can’t. Recently I had the fingerprint unlock feature launched and before the call-waiting feature is also launched.

I said that information is also reported that the February 2020 from iOS 8 to also the support will stop. Such as those who have in the old phone are they a little discomfort may be.

Published: 31 Dec 2019 01:13 PM

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