In China coronavirus pneumonia of 830 cases of confirmed


Beijing, January 24 (ANI). China’s 29 provincial-level regions in coronavirus due to pneumonia of the 830 cases have been confirmed. Chinese health officials on Thursday said the information given to it.

News agency Xinhua said the National Health Commission quoted told that these people from 34 have cured and are discharged from the hospital has been.

According to the commission, 20 provincial-level regions in total 1,072 suspected case surfaced.

Pneumonia from now until 25 people died. In Hubei Province 24 and Hebei in a death has occurred.

Thursday until midnight in Hong Kong, two in Macau, Two in Taiwan, one case of confirmed.

Thailand in three cases was confirmed, two of which the patient is now fine.

In Japan this disease of the grip came in with a patient right now. While South Korea, USA and Singapore, one in Vietnam and two in the confirmed cases have occurred.

The commission said of them that 8,420 people medical observation, while 1,087 other is discharged.

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830 confirmed cases of coronavirus pneumonia in China
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