In recent Photos Deepikas RK tattoo on her neck was not visible

Deepika Padukone ने लगता है हमेशा के लिए हटा दिया अपना स्थायी RK टैटू

Updated: | Mon, 30 Dec 2019 06:30 PM (IST)

In Bollywood, love, friendship and breakup is not a new thing but some breakup are such which years remember live and in the discussion remain. Deepika Padukone marriage Ranveer Singh but Ranbir Kapoor with his breakup quite a long time in the discussion was. This breakup before ‘ was your neck on the RK Tattoo, which was erected often showing the Taken does. But recently when Deepika when their upcoming movie take of the promotion events on the Middle East if their on the neck it did not appear.

In such ‘times of India’ said in the news the question is pitched somewhere that Deepika Padukone has your permanent tattoo removed so is not given! Please tell that recently Deepika Film City in the show proceeded. Deepika multicolor saree in were and blue colour Cai makes the blouse was worn.

He chignon dam was placed and such in the view of those who look Deepika on the neck of the straight was going. But Deepika said on the neck tattoo which made had kept that eye not came. After corresponding on social media also begin a discussion with that ‘ was it always to be removed. However still it is not clear that it completely has been removed from the makeup hid it.

Please tell that Deepika’s upcoming film ‘Take’ is. In this movie Deepika acid attack survivor as eye are coming. Meghna Gulzar, the film director. Type of this the trailer of the movie already people not has. This film Lakshmi Agarwal of the whole story, and on January 10, the big curtains on the sight to arrive. This film combat Ajay Devgn ‘tag’ from me.

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