Indian people will not be able to use Microsoft Cortana mobile app from février | February from Microsoft Cortana mobile app use will not be able to Indian


Digital Desk, New Delhi. Many times internet not or for some reason the closure status of the messages in the exchange is difficult. In such times the right functions also are affected, the recent citizenship revision laws (the CAA) against the protest demonstrations to prevent the many parts of the country in Internet services have been disrupted.

However off the internet despite having more has not made a difference. This is due to some special app, which are off the internet even when you have messages exchange facility to attach.

The current status of the matter then being considered so that the protesters on behalf of the exchange of messages to Farhat called the app used to go up, which without the internet runs. These fears force and then found, when the recent start of the protests among Google Play Store on the fire chat app in trading I was also.

From the Google Play Store until now ten million times Fire chat the download has already been done. This app without internet works. Bluetooth and via WiFi works.

Recent violent demonstrations throughout Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and most parts of the internet services interrupted Kim were, in spite of its many locations on the crowd to be collected from not be stopped could. Fire chat from mobile phone without network is also around you Farhat the user can interact with.

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