iPhone XS Max Review: The Phone I Hate To Love

A long video for a big phone: the iPhone XS Max Review is here!
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The iPhone XS Max does everything Apple set out to do. It crams a colossal screen into a manageable casing; gives it a battery big enough to last all day despite that display; and it brings improvements in everything from the camera to Face ID to iOS itself to fashion a worth competitor to that “other” gigantic phone across the Android aisle: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. But the iPhone XS Max also carries a price tag starting at $1099, and despite how many people will buy it at that price – I can’t say I’ll be one of them. Join me for the iPhone XS Max Review!




MrMobile’s iPhone XS Max Review was produced following eight days using an iPhone XS Max review device purchased by Mobile Nations. Retail device running final software. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.


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  1. This is why I bought the xs max in 2019, second hand. The prices of the iphones feel more justified when you get them a year later and second hand. It doesn't matter that you're buying last year's model because apple's chips and hardware tend to be a few generations ahead than the closest competition anyway. So the phone won't feel outdated next to most current gen android phones. It will only feel outdated when placed next to the 11 and 11 pro.

  2. I bought my iPhone 6S cause android didn’t have anything I wanted at the time. And I still using my iPhone 6S cause it’s still working normally. It’s not perfect, but it’s just right, right now. And the way Androids are acting, I may stay iPhone for a bit longer since some Androids are trying to copy iPhones. Head phone jack?! 😕

  3. Apples ecosystem and ease of compatibility between it's other products like AppleTV and Apple WAtch is the reason why people buy over snd over even at a premium. Apple products are seamless together and just work better.

  4. May be Android have many good things…
    But whatever iphone have… it is at perfect level ….. thats why people are still buying them even on higher price…
    Coz they have enough money so that they dont have to think about value to money ratio…they just want perfect thing .

  5. I had Apple phones from the 3GS to the 10 XS Max, and switched to the S10+ about 4 months ago. I love this phone and how much Android has improved. But lately I can feel that pull.. on the eve of the new iPhone launch I can feel my wallet almost jumping out of my pocket… This is a great review, the information you impart is precise and impartial. The iPhone looks and works as I remembered, but the niggles you mentioned I remember as well. So let me thank you on two counts, firstly for the great video. And second helping me keep my wallet in my pocket.

  6. you posted this video last year same month when note 9 was 1000 USD and xs max is 1100, now after one year. apple xs max still a 1000 USD phone, Samsung note 9 become 530 USD half of the price is dropped, if I try to sell that maybe 300 to 350 will be the price for one year used note 9..thats why investing money in apple is a good idea.

  7. what is iphone
    why iphone is best

    they dont need a new design because its already greatest looking phone
    smooth and never lags
    enough battery power for whole day
    u dont need to modify because its already good looking animation inside
    gaming experience great
    video quality amazing
    photos natural clicks
    setting easy to handle
    not so many option and not so many features, reasons are u r not going to use all features
    with so many option u dont know what to do with so when u have 1 option with clarity its enough
    bigger screen bigger problem when u do something with big screen somehow u will accidently click somewhere
    siri is limited but very fast thats more than enough
    great sound quality

    once againt u dont need million option to choose one
    u need 1 option to be great thats all enough

  8. Ok you said that Apple folds the display …..however so many videos claim that this is not the case! So did you make this statement based on knowledge or just what you was told?? The problem I have with what you said is that you said it with such conviction and confidence as if you know this to be the actual case when again many have said and shown that this is NOT the case! Apple does not fold the display! So lets hear why you said it….!

  9. Actually the iPhone XS Max won’t overheat during extreme use, which the note 10plus and the one plus 7pro are, watch videos. iOS is so efficient and works so well with the software code that the iPhone doesn’t get above 40° external temperature, and it averages around 37-39 (directly over the processor at that), again this is during extreme use. That’s super impressive, and no Android can do that, even the Note 10 Plus and One Plus 7 Pro have and issue with this, they get very very hot; so much so that the system starts giving out warnings. The iPhone shooting 4K video for 20 min straight never got above 39-40°, that’s fuckin’ insane. And if you’re gonna ask who would use their device like that? A lot of people nowadays, I stream PUBG using Omlet and Twitch directly from my phone, that takes a ton of processing power, and there are tons of males and females nowadays doing the same. Not to mention shooting amazing 4K videos for long periods of time, I believe the estimate is 3 and a half hours straight.

    There are a ton of features that the iPhone and iOS have that still kill modern Androids (like the Note 10 plus for example). So if anything the battle is even for Android and Apple for now; it just depends on what kind of use each individual user requires from their device.

    Me personally, I prefer having a phone just as fast as the latest androids, but my iPhone never gets hot.

    Btw, the iPhone XS Max is my very first iPhone and experience with iOS, they both have pros and cons, but if you go super in depth, they basically balance out, except iPhones don’t get hot, while Androids do. I have been an Android user from the beginning, before that I had a sidekick (which I absolutely loved btw, it was amazing for the time). I am by no means an Apple fan, just switched from the OnePlus. I am super pleased with the performance of the device and operating system, I’m only 3 days in to having my first iPhone, so I’m not trying to hype up Apple, in fact the very first Apple product I ever purchased were the AirPods2, I was using them with my OnePlus. The iPhone performs way better with AirPods (obviously), and in my opinion the AirPods are the absolute best wireless headphones in the world right now, the microphones in them are also amazing (I constantly receive compliments on how well people can hear me during video calls).

    It all comes down to what you need from your device, not everyone is a power user, and not everyone can afford that power any way. But this right vs left, red vs blue, republican vs democrat shit needs to stop.

    Do more in-depth testing as well, instead of just app loading speed and whether or not apps are staying in memory, we have thousands of these test videos already, do something new and more in-depth; just like the individual that found out how cool iPhones stay during intense use.

    The icing on the cake; is that iPhones also hold their resale value, androids usually don’t


  10. Gave up my note 9 for the XS and I love it! I love all technology, been on Android from the EVO 4g to the Note 9, but the iPad Pro 11 is what sold me, its like its having a lil Android flavor (USB C/ widgets/ 120hz refresh rate) The iPhone 12 should have all of these things and its what sold me
    Also I don’t have to buy apples quick charging, I use my Samsung one and it works Perfectly

  11. Apple is phasing out corded headphones altogether that's why that piece don't come anymore because they want u to buy their wireless. N most apple will because if like me have the laptop watch all that Apple

  12. bud iphone is reliabest like androids phones
    iphone apps its much better quality as andoid shits apps
    iphone its safe u cant not get viruses into system as android system
    iphone much better fill in the hand and is eazy to use as android
    Android phones even dont have logo only letters:SAMSUNG😂,HTC,…
    I had all androids note 9,s10 plus,…bud they cant not replace iphone because iphone its hight quality and this right is expencivest than android shits and this right u get more accessories with them…
    Android system is very stressfull and ios is eazy,nice and very reliable!
    android phones is google phones and its unsafe because there can make all persons apps and this is wrong because in android u can find only shit apps only crashing and many of them not working properly!!!
    bud ios apps its beutifull and works normall allways…Iphone is Iphone.

  13. Extremely satisfied with my iPhone XS Max. Being the owner of two android flagships from the past (Samsung galaxy s8 plus and Samsung galaxy note 9) and having using iPhone for the first time I can clearly feel the difference!! Though my note 9 was super fast in all ways but with iPhone there comes this butter smooth experience which no android flagships can offer. Something is different here…. every thing just happens at the blink of an eye!! I doubt if I could ever go back to the android world any more!! 💗 my iPhone XS Max and enjoying every bit of it!!


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