Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO Admits that it is Easy to Abuse Others on their Platform

Jack Dorsey
Photo Credits: CBNC.com

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter was invited to the Ted Talks show last week and there he addressed some of the main issues that Twitter is facing right now. Twitter has become a platform for the abusers and it has become “super easy” for the tweeple to harass or abuse the other users. He added that the company has been in search of some systematic ways to solve this issue but they are unable to find the effective issue that will reduce abuses on their platform- reported by Business Insider.

Similar to every other social platform, Twitter also relies on Machine Learning technology to identify harassing or abusing tweets. It is an evident fact that machine learning isn’t as effective as the human’s intelligence and the abusers are easily getting away without any hassle on Twitter.

Dorsey quoted “we have seen abuse, we have seen harassment, we have seen manipulation, automation, human coordination, misinformation” as a saying.

Twitter was founded back in 2006 and all the above-mentioned dynamics weren’t prevailing back then. The then platform was a secured place without any harassment. The people these days on Twitter are more interested about the followers and likes which has created a different environment on the platform altogether,

“Right now the system present online makes it very easy for people to abuse and harass anyone. Twitter has created a “pretty terrible situation” for all the women out there.”- Dorsey said.

The users will get a new option now on Twitter which allows them to hide the replies for their tweets. This way the person who posted will have complete control over the conversation that they want. Although this option has some of the loopholes like users won’t get a chance to correct any kind of the wrong statement, it will surely reduce the toxicity present on the platform.

This feature will be rolled out to the users in June and David Gasca, Senior Director of Twitter and Donald Hicks, Vice President of Twitter Service said that this is a new way to provide more control to the users. This can help in reducing the abusers on the platform.

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