Jio Phone Review | Features, Apps, Camera, and More

The Jio Phone is one of the most highly anticipated phones in India this year. It is a 4G and VoLTE enabled feature phone, and the main reason for the frenzy around it is that the phone is effectively free. Buyers will need to pay Rs. 1500 as a deposit that is refundable if you return the phone after three years. There’s an obvious value proposition, but is this phone any good? Watch our review to find out.

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  1. today prodcut produced for next updation exchange of phone should be executed in shop instead adding on more number of mobiles look like just like colgage from salt to charcoal till vedhsakthi in a dept store it is almost stock more number of varities but fmcg never realize the product more varriants will carry good business but it almost saturated every dept store they pace it up unless the prodct moves , and also lot of product today in market when it got saturatted still bouncing on reinventing but stil this never carrried the best example tooth paste at lost people sttarted giiving importance of neem tree stem

  2. should have made something supportive a spice mobile with projector flash light u can display anythng video or power point or anything to view as files, word document or anythng ppt to practica class , videos but jio phone to execute the purpose

    which income group members – did the screen has big size or atleast screen can be viewed with connecting device as a projector slides anything

    spice mobile done great impact when it launched it is almost solid plus adde feature u can display any where screen projection in wall or any place

    jio phone who is the target audinece is affordable price or does the screen font size is so accessible amazing to watch

    who is the target audience

  3. Those who read this post please refrain from buying this phone. You have to pay 153RS at the time of getting the phone along with the remaning 1000RS. You get 500MB to watch TV a day. That means you have to say no to Cricket or any match that last more than a hour. You have to learn to adjust to a lot of buffering every 30Secs to watch TV. This phone was designed as a one more creative way for cheating the ignorant. Since I already got into the trap I plead to my fellow citizens of India not to buy this phone. You are not saving any money . You will be paying extra for useless items. If you have a pet at home. You can give the phone to your puppy to play. Dont even try that. This jio phone emits radiation that is beyond Human tolerance level. So Kindly put an end to buying or even talking about JIO phone. Dont even try to promote or talk about this. Such items are for terrorist. Not for simple people.


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