JioFiber launches from next month Reliance Jio’s Giga Fiber Plan


JioFiber launches from next month Reliance Jio’s Giga Fiber Plan

JioFiber : Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani made an important announcement on ‘Jio’ fiber services on Friday.

At the 42nd annual general meeting of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani announced that from September 5, the ‘Jio’ company will launch ‘Jio Fiber Services’ across the country.


Mukesh Ambani also told that Jio has created 34 crore consumers in three years. He claimed that Jio has become India’s largest and the world’s second largest telecom operator company.


According to Ambani, Jio is now venturing into the world of high speed broadband. He told that the company will ‘provide calls, TV and Internet services from door to door at a very low rate.’

He said that this service will be launched with easy tariff plan.

What are the company’s goals?

Reaching 2 crore homes and 1.5 crore commercial establishments in 1600 cities
Strengthening Small and Medium Businesses
Jio Gigafiber
What will be the plan For JioFiber  ? JioFiber Welcome Offer

According to Mukesh Ambani, the rate of the plan will start from Rs 700, in which internet speed of 100 MB per second will be available.
At the same time, the maximum plan will be Rs 10,000 per month, in which internet speed will be 1 GB per second.
Fixed line international voice calls will have the lowest rates for international calling
Unlimited international calling pack for USA and Canada will be only 500 rupees.

Breathtaking claims

Ambani hoped that with the help of this new platform, even small traders will be able to connect with the digital world.

Mukesh Ambani said that there is a lot of potential in the $ 700 billion retail market but most of it is unorganized but this market is constantly facing challenges from Amazon and Walmart.

The Reliance Group’s eye on the Indian retail market has been around for a long time. But other competitors have also made their place in this market.

At the annual general meeting, Ambani announced that with the Jio Fiber Plan, many online streaming apps will also get a subscription. This may include many online streaming platforms.

Jio intends to allow subscribers of the Giga Fiber Plan to watch the new film on home TV on the very first day of release. This service has been called ‘Jio first-day-first-show service’. This year will start in mid-2020.


Apart from this, Jio has also said to start postpaid plus service. A SIM will be provided in the postpaid plus service, through which the plan can be shared with other family members. Apart from this, international roaming calls will also be available at low rates.

Free tv and set top box

Ambani has announced that Jio Fiber Welcome Offer will be offered by Jio. Under this offer, customers taking an annual plan, which will be called Jio Forever Plan, will be given free HD LED or 4K TV and also 4K set top box.

There is a lot of potential in the satellite television market in India, and along with the fast growing Internet TV, many new companies have entered this market. Experts say that this can be a big reason, new consumers are being offered breathtaking offers like free TV and set top boxes.

Ambani also told that Jio Giga Fiber will make the IoT platform i.e. Internet of Things available from 1 January 2020. IoT comes with devices that connect to each other through the Internet.

Ambani hoped that in the coming two years India will have about 200 crore IoT devices, out of which Jio wants to reach 100 million IoT.

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