Kartik Aaryan On Ananya Panday, Don’t Want To Talk About My Personal Life | Ananya Pandey from the affair on the question of Kartik snapped

Kartik Aaryan On Ananya Panday, Don't Want To Talk About My Personal Life | Ananya Pandey from the affair on the question of Kartik snapped

Kartik Aryan and Ananya Pandey soon on the big screen the movie ‘husband wife and a’ through on the big screen Knock are supposed to give. At the moment these two stars with their upcoming movie promotion of do are. Meanwhile this kind of news came that Kartik and Ananya middle of something going on. Reports said that both the stars get a second date are. However now Kartik these reports, the rumored agreement have given.

Mirror in an interview with Kartik affair reports on the answer refused. He said, “to be perfectly honest I have my personal talk about life, do not want. Every other day a new rumor comes to the front. And this always happens when you have two artists often seem to see.”

Let me tell you that Kartik Aryan ‘wife and’ husband of the character you are playing, while Ananya Pandey their girlfriends. Also in the movie land peer are also, which in the film Kartik’s wife of the characters are in.

Mudassar Aziz directed made this movie trailer to the people quite liked. This movie songs also the people there are. Film on December 6 in theaters release is going to be. In this film, apart Khurana are also, which Kartik’s friend’s in the roll will look like.

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Published: 03 Dec 2019 04:35 PM

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