Korea during the crisis, the security agencies may prevent Naxal operation (IANS exclusive)


New Delhi/Bastar, March 26 (IANS). Koreans because of the resulting from the humanitarian crisis, given the security agencies of India, the Naxal belt in India the campaign against the stop on the options considering.

Sources told IANS told that in Chhattisgarh, the security agencies in India cover-19 given the danger of human based on the actual consider the possibility of doing. In India, this epidemic yet 700 people being infected is detected, and 14 people have died.

Raipur in Naxal campaign’s top officer, Bastar Range IG P Pretty Secrets by ANI told the country to pass this kind of decision-making authority does not.

He said, I have only a police officer I am. Bastar police and news here people’s life and property to protect you. The current time in the full World cover-19 have been fighting. Bastar police also have this virus to fight is committed.

IGP said that the police between the hygiene is a big issue, because they together live, where barely health facilities are.

He said, in the community, any social distance and not gave at this time this concerned about. They not only your life in danger are put, but also thousands of tribal people’s life in danger are put. Police up in this global crisis in violence to prevent social pressure.

He said, in addition, police in the outskirts of lockdown because of the essential services excluding all services stalled. Anyway, police spread terror because of the health workers here to work is always difficult. Now this lockdown time if the Co is still path of violence will not leave it, essential services working for the people of Naxal-controlled areas to work in will be very difficult.

Just three days ago, police said the 17 security and of the terrestrial body to be recovered, which was state-of Sukma district in India, after the encounter, the missing were.

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Naxal operation may stop security agencies during the Korana crisis (IANS Exclusive)
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