KYC in Hindi – KYC Kya Hai? It fill important is why ?

KYC in Hindi - KYC Kya Hai? It fill important is why ?

KYC in Hindi – KYC Kya Hai ? It fill important is why ? KYC is a type of form (Form) is whose full form is (Know Your Customer), in the bank account (Account) unbar be, fixed deposit (Fixed Deposit), the mutual fund buying, or even insurance, all from you in the KYC form tray is . KYC i.e. (Know Your Customer) The moderately English would say in KYC, bank (Bank) and financial companies (Financial Companies) this form (Form) complete the its identity with the letter of certification also and disintegration are through which they have their client (the Customer) confirm the identity of the do. KYC (KYC )identity of their clients for confirmation of a business process. The Reserve Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India) by banks from customers for KYC serve has been essential .

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KYC Form fill in the main object (Main Object) is to ensure that knowingly or unknowingly the criminal element in the banking system (Banking System) improper use of your activities for the right time. Bank also your Customers to KYC By better can understand their financial transaction (Financial Transaction) to understand their needs good full can. Bank in KYC (KYC) to the Customer’s identity, Name, Address to confirm the photo and address proof (Photo and Address Proof) i.e. proof of address is taken . KYC the Reserve Bank by a type Identification is . KYC policy of today under the entire World in identity theft, financial Decade (Financial Fraud) money laundering (Money Laundering) As well as and also lots of things on the curb, the braking has to be easy .

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Bank in Account Open In addition to the lone (Lone) take, locker (Locker), take the credit card (Credit) related to, Mutual fund (Mutual Fund) buy and insurance (Insurance) etc. to take on the KYC form filling is required. In the bank transaction to the account opening KYC form filling is mandatory. If you have this form do not fill out if you bank you Account open refuse can too. This thing does not matter that you are the only Bank in savings account (Saving Account) are opened and the very Minimum Amount deposit Karwa are. Any banking transaction to KYC form (KYC Form) is mandatory . Meaning of KYC – KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER, KYC banking and finance in the area used to be a prevailing term is.

KYC for important things are kept in mind, in the bank account at the time of opening or trading account open while these forms serve is KYC Form in the following details (Details) is required .

KYC Application Form Details

Applicant Name –
Applicant Father Name –
PAN Card Number –
Identity Card Proof –
Address Proof Details –
Stamp Size Photograph –

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