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land development bank

Land Development Banks (LDB) in India – Working and Progress of LDBs!

India Land Development Bank (Land Development Bank) The very important role , these Bank Long-Term Loan (Long Term Loan) offer. It is the bank in each state at the level two serves. First, Land Development Bank at the state level work is. The bank by the state government assistance receive. 1980-81 or delivered by the loan amount of 439 million rupees was. Three, the State Land Development Bank (State Land Development Bank) The subsidiary bank in the form of initial Land Development Bank (Primary Land Development Bank) Are.

These banks, in those states function where the State Bank does not occur. The capital of banks and loan papers (Debentures) etc State Govt., bare Bank, Cooperative Bank and the State Bank is obtained. It issued one on sure the state of the government securities occurs. This bank the LDB name of the bank from also known. LDB, is a special kind of bank in India. LDB provides long-term finance to members directly through its branches.

Land Development Bank Land Development Bank

land development bank

Land Development Bank (Land Development Bank) The main task of the land Mortgage The loan is to provide. Someone like your land on very good farming have to and there is very good earn money so that your land papers in the bank to keep the loan can take this loan Long-Term Loan (Long Term Loan) are and these loans Loan purpose of the machinery, tractors(Tractor), land reform, the old loan payment and in agriculture to render assistance occurs. The Reserve Bank of India as directed by the land development bank Loans 90% of the old functions should be used. The first Land Development Bank was started at Jhang in Punjab in 1920

The Sources of Funds of Land Development Banks (LDB) are:

Share capital
Deposits from members or non-members
Issue of debentures
Accepting deposits
Reimbursements of subsidies from the government
Other funds

In today’s time Land Development Bank Before the several problem is the First Land Development Bank (LDB) only the big farmers loan offer who have enough land in the amount which the mortgage (Mortgage) as can be placed. It makes the small farmer, the unemployed artisan and marginal farmers (Marginal Farmer) Loan of subsidies to get by but living pets. Second – the Land Development Bank in technical and work efficient employees is the lack of. Third – land development banks delivered by one of outstanding amount in large quantities due lives. This bank new the loan unable to provide live, them parted of subsidies received does not fade.

In the future, it uplifting to the Government by The begin program (Programs) prescribed is. For them, the small irrigation programs of the area has been detailed under which 50% Loan Land Development Bank (LDB) provided will.

LDB provides LONG-TERM funds for various agriculture related projects besides development of land and business.

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