LG K20 PLUS Unboxing ( Great Price ! Great Phone ! )

If you enjoy the finer things in life but love a great deal too, you’ve finally met your match. The LG K20™ plus is a smart, striking device that packs premium features and
performs at the top. Stunning clarity and unforgettable memories can be yours. All you need to do is reach out and take it.


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I created this video with the Acer Chromebook R13



  1. LG will do anything not to honor the warranty. Do not buy an LG mobile phone. Most LG phones are plastic garbage and won't last the warranty period unless you have some kind of super case around them. Furthermore, they will actually hold your phone hostage if you won't pay the diagnostic fee the impose if you won't get the inflated repair cost done. DON'T BUY ANY LG PRODUCT. Take if from first hand experience.

  2. This phone sucks storage sucks and the pictures have terrible quality it dies quickly and it doesn't fit in my pocket and I don't get all the messages. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE UNLESS YOUR BROKE. I have 15 gigs I got mine from Verizon. This is better then nothing

  3. I agree with everything cuz I have the phoneand I'm using it right now to watch this video and do this comment however I disagree with you with the speaker the speaker is great I Say get it 😀😀😀


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