LG V50 Review: The Monster Sleeper Phone of 2019

LG V50 ThinQ Review! One of the most powerful phones of the year. One of the best multi-media experiences available. One of the best options for mobile content creation. All that and a 5G radio, for the same price as an iPhone 11 Pro with half the storage and an Intel LTE radio.
So why aren’t more people talking about this phone?
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  1. Thanks for you're honesty Juan. I'm very interested in the LG V50. May I know how voice talk back and zoom features perform? As a visually impaired individual I highly depend on those. Thanks so much and please keep up the good work.

  2. LG has done their 50% price drop – V50 is now only $350 on ebay! Only thing iI'm wondering is how the camera stacks up to competitors like the Google Pixel, Iphone 11 pro, and some of the high end chinese phones

  3. I've always had a soft spot for LG. They have always had quirky and unique phones that other companies did not have…even 10 years ago they had phones with detachable miniature projector modules…or ones that had bluetooth earpiece that attached to the back of the phone and charged off it too. Now they have this consistent pattern of making phones with high quality DACS with headphone jacks for audio enthusiasts like me. I may just get this as my next device.

  4. I covered my v50 cameras and found that one of them doesn't do anything. Telephoto uses the same sensor as standard. Has anyone else noticed this? I was under the impression that telephoto is a separate sensor and not just software. Is this a feature I have turned off? Thoughts?

  5. 🌟Can you Believe I Sold my two S10+ to buy a new LG6. I saved 5x the Money, and had No more unrealistic darks & High bright Colours to restrain my eyes; with a 3300mab life, & right apps, 2000 songs & 20 fav movies at 23 hrs no charge..i need nothing… Flossy, Uncovered, Slick & Simple is LG. Am now looking into the LG V50. For Quick Video editing & Event Productions. A Simple mind with LG6 – LGV10-V50 Can Do more Than other. I felt Brainwashed using samsung & iphones as if they were trying to control me. LG is Simple to Understand & Opens your mind to extreme possibilities.

  6. I'm digging the Lg G8x Dual Screen. I have two phones that I occasionally multitask with in the same way. πŸ€” Plus, I like unique devices(Palm Pre-R.I.P😒, Moto X -Made in the US Moto Maker bamboo back, & takes a licking but still software supported Android 10 rocking Essential Phone).

  7. Watching this on my LG V30, and I can easily say, this is the BEST phone I have owned so far! So I have no doubt the V50 would rock. I am holding out for the next gen LG phone which won't have an ugly front facing notch. I refuse to bow to the notch!

  8. I use audio more than multiples of 100 than shooting with camera . This is most practical phone than others in the market .LG need to market and need not showcase there past desasters

  9. I think the big problem that made the LG V50 a sleeper is the way LG marketed this particular phone. The LG V50 was exclusive to CDMA phones Sprint and Verizon and the GSM version of this phone AT&T and T-Mobile were left out unless you're willing to buy a Korean version. Another issue is this phone has dual screen capability however the dual screen for LG V50 wasn't sold in the United States. Even though the new LG G8x dual screen is exclusive to AT&T and Sprint they also made a factory unlocked versions that's sold at Amazon and Best Buy. LG didn't do this with the LG V50 thus it became a sleeper phone.

  10. If I don't use 5g is it a better idea to go for the v40 or the g8, or should I still consider the v50? In other words, is the v50 that much of an improvement over the v40 or g8 regardless of the 5g?

  11. I dont give a shit about 5g 4g gives me brain tumors and dna damage quick enough. I just wish they would make a removable battery version id pay 2k for it no problem. Matter of fact ive spoken with numerous chinese manufacturers trying to get them to make the v50 into a removable back.

  12. My current three biggest beefs with the LG V20 were (1) it was not at all water resistant, especially at the seam at the top of the screen, (2) the bluetooth / phone interface never worked – for example, making an outgoing call on bluetooth, the phone drops the bluetooth as soon as the call is answered, and (3) the naming system for images taken with the camera is stupid : a picture taken on November 21, 2019 would be named "11/212019xxxxa.jpg" – this does not sort by date. So when I try to scroll through my pictures, all the pictures on November 21 from 2019 will be grouped with the pictures from November 21 in 2018, 2017, etc. I wonder if the V50 has solved any of these useability challenges.

  13. Thanks great video. I just got the iPhone 11 pro for my birthday from my wife and kids(my first iPhone) I absolutely hate this phone and might return it soon. I am not happy with the current Samsung phone and will probably go with the v50. I love having the headphone jack.

  14. How would you compare it to the OnePlus 7pro 5g? I was debating between this and 1+7p, and the price at 12.5 per mo. @24 mo installment at bestbuy cannot be passed. Meanwhile 1+7p costs 20 per mo.

  15. Watching this banging review on my V30+ which is still going strong and I love. It's on August security patch and still on Oreo 8.0 (as of this comment still waiting on 9.0 Pie) but still feature packed. Just like Juan said such a sleeper and he ain't kidding. But now the only gripe I have with LG is software software software they are always super late to the game and there marketing is lacking as well. But hardware is on point. The LG V50 is in my list of phones I'm looking at to upgrade into nevertheless.


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