LIC Plan in Hindi – l-i-c All Plans List 2019 (Updated)

LIC Plan in Hindi

Invest Your Present in a Safe Future – LIC Plans, Invest Your Present in a Safe Future – Protect Your Family with Affordable Life Insurance from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) of India. LIC Plan quote – Life Insurance Corporation plan 2019-20

Is there such a thing as cheap life insurance policies? There may not be such as a thing as cheap life insurance in the market place but there is certainly a wide variety of life insurance rates. That means that there is a definite advantage to those that take the time to search for the lowest possible rate. Your ability to search for rates online is phenomenal. There is a huge opportunity out there to do your own research. The rates on life insurance depend on the type of product. There are two common forms of life insurance. There is term life insurance and there is permanent life insurance. Comparing the two can be a challenge. Comparing a combination of the two can be even more of a challenge.

LIC Plan in Hindi

Why am I buying Life Insurance? – That is the first question that needs to be answered. Do I want to cover a mortgage? Do I want to provide income for my family? Do I want to supplement my retirement? The reasons are more important than the rates because the reasons help you design your portfolio.

What kind of life insurance do I need? – Once you know the reasons that you are making a life insurance purchase then you can determine what type of life insurance to purchase. Term insurance takes care of temporary needs while permanent life insurance provides benefits for a lifetime.

You can now proceed to search for rates after you have answered these two very important questions. It would behoove you to learn a simple method of evaluating your insurance needs so that you can shop for the proper amount and the correct type of life insurance. There is nothing wrong with shopping online or using an insurance professional to assist you. The happiest life insurance purchase that you will ever make is the one that is designed to fit your needs and to your ability to pay.

Life insurance Saving Policy & Plan List –

Endowment plans (Endowment Plans)

Jeevan Anand (Jeevan Anand)
Life friends (double, Jeevan Mitra (Double))
Life friend (Triple, Jeevan Mitra (Triple))
Endowment with profit (Endowment with profit)
Limited payment endowment (Limited Payment endowment)
Future life (Bhavishaya Jeevan)
New Net (New Janaraksha)
Life elixir (Jeevan Amrit)

Children’s plans (Children Plans)

Child career plan (Child Career Plan)
Child Future plan (Child Future Plan)
Gentle life (Komal Jeevan)
Life teen (Jeevan Kishore)
Jeevan Anurag (Jeevan Anurag)
Life shade (Jeevan inderprastha colony)
Marriage / educational (Marriage/ Educational)

Money back plans (Money Back Plans)

New Bima gold (New Bima Gold)
Money back 20Yrs (Money Back 20Yrs)
Money Back 25Ys (Money Back 25Y)
Life line (Jeevan Rekha)
Insurance savings (Bima Bachat)
Life Surabhi (Jeevan Surbhi)

Special plans (Special Plans)

Life simple (Jeevan Saral)
New Bima gold (New Bima Gold)
The life melodious (Jeevan Madhur)

Pension plans (Pension Plans)

Life Fund (Jeevan Nidhi)
Jeevan Akshay -VI (Jeevan Akshay-VI)
New life defeats -I (New Jeevan Dhara-I)
New life security -I (New Jeevan Suraksha-I)

Whole life Insurance plans (Whole Life Insurance Plans)

Life wave (Jeevan Tarang)
The Whole life policy
Life enjoy (Jeevan Anand)
Whole Life with profit
Limited payment whole life
Single premium whole life

Plan for high net WORTH worth Individuals (Plan for High Net worth Individuals)

Jeevan Shree-I (Jeevan Shree I)
Life major (Jeevan Pramukh)

Assured Return Plans

Gentle life (Komal Jeevan)
Plans TO TAKE CARE OF handicapped
Life base (Jeevan aadhaar)
Life believe (Jeevan Vishwas)

Joint life plan (Joint Life Plan)

Life partner (Jeevan Saathi)

Plan exclusively FOR women (Plan Exclusively for Women)

Life Bharati (Jeevan Bharati)
Unit plans (ULIPs)
Profit plus (Profit Plus)
Money plus -I (Money plus-I)
Market plus I (Market plus I)
Fortune plus (Fortune Plus)
Child fortune plus (Child Fortune Plus)
Plans for high worth individuals (Plans high worth individuals)
Jeevan Shree -I (Jeevan Shree-I)
Life major (Jeevan Pramukh)
Health insurance (Health Insurance)
Health Plus (Health plus)

Term Assurance plans: (Term Assurance Plans)

Precious life I (Anmol Jeevan I)
Temporary term Assurance (Temporary Term Assurance)
Priceless life (Amulya Jeevan )
Convertible term insurance (Convertable Term Insurance)

Other plans & policies (Other plans and policies)

Common man insurance scheme (Aam Admi Bima Sangam)
Fortune plus (Fortune Plus)
Gratuit plus (Gratuity Plus)
Group critical illness rider
Group Gratuity Scheme Janashree Bima Sangam (JBY)
Life is the sweetest
New net plan
New life stream -I
New life security -I
Profit plus LIC policy
Education cooperation plan

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