Madhya pradesh govt announced one lakh job, mp govt bumpers job released soon, mp govt recruitment | India for the youth of good news, a million posts on going to be openings


Digital desk, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh’s youth for a big news. State government a million posts made on the preparation of the extract is doing. These include School Education, Higher Education, women and Child Development, Social Justice, health, police, including a dozen Department is involved. The chief minister Kamal Nath said that all the Departments of the vacant post to fill soon are instructed.

A year the inside of all empty posts will be. All departments in the vacant positions of large-scale security arrangements ranging from recruitment advertising to determine the process has begun. Other departments from Canberra to III and IV category of post to be filled are. MPSC to Class II posts for the proposal to be given are. Some of these department ago offer send the there have been. While the previous qualifying examinations on the basis of the school department until the next month recruitment process will start.

Government departments in the backlog and diving reservations, the different is the preparation. Backlog the rank of priority is on. While diverse to six per cent reservation will be given. Government all departments from the reservation to follow to have said.

Candidates back to the empty positions to keep the process ongoing. In addition to the common guideline has been prepared. Half-a-dozen departments, the positions of the chart and hiring proposal have devised. It contracts to those who first give priority to the offer. In addition to the full guideline has been prepared.

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