many people are upset with the entry scene of Vidyut Jamwal in teaser showing wrestler who lives pulling the skirt of girl

Commando 3: Vidyut Jammwal के एंट्री सीन में बच्ची की स्कर्ट खींचता दिखा पहलवान तो मच गया बवाल, सीन हटाने की मांग

Updated: | Fri, 29 Nov 2019 03:20 PM (IST)

Vidyut Jammwal, the action in Avatar-see you in a little treat AS IS and their fans today film released Commando 3 in them to see are desperate. Its release a few days ago the same Commando 3, the makers said to the audience in the film a power-packed teaser release. Teaser of power in the state entry has appeared in which they have a girl dancing are some of the wrestlers said While look are coming. A side many people steamed it entry extremely like the iPhone, there are a few people which of the Seine from use are. Some people said she is staking that which wrestlers in the image of the spoiled, as well as in the Seine when a wrestler that girl skirt picks is so much of it seems absurd.

Teaser shown at the beginning of that two girls going to school and are in the way a wrestler comes and takes to stop. He set accent tells that his video in front of the world post and share to be had. Subsequently, he changed to take the bowing girl’s skirt to touch it. Him to raise and there present congestion has become perceive lives. The girl in the eyes of the tears come. Skirt something and wakes up his sudden power of entry is. He’s the wrestler at the head of the mace and vigorous poke does. He has other wrestlers in the challenge that they, too, skirt peeing tell. After it all he said Lets start.


On YouTube USA users angry

U-Tube on which the ranging comment section in the users said she is staking. People said that the wrestlers of the image is getting worse. Many users said that this tampering of the Seine is the same as the Bollywood of the 90’s of the films was. A user wrote, “at least with the kids so up the Seine in the movies don’t. He is merely a baby is the same.” Another user said, “the only publicity to gain child nudity visible is not OK.” Any user so downcast by writing, “yuck! So dirty Seine.” Anyone vomiting occurred not what these Seine seeing. It’s so 80s and 90s films from the also less been. Was women empowerment (someone it the Seine, seeing the nausea doesn’t come?) A comment is written that, “it is a shame that at such a young age of the girls only hero of entry to show such use is. Such superficial things society the people of the rotten thinking is also the place to give it. Please report, many people please at least this skirt that Sean delete report to do.”

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