Mi Tv Xiaomi Launches Cheapest 4K TV, Launches Water Purifier with Latest Features at Low Price

Mi Tv
Mi Tv

Mi Tv Xiaomi Launches Cheapest 4K TV, Launches Water Purifier with Latest Features at Low Price

Mi Tv : Chinese tech company Xiaomi on Tuesday launched a smart TV with 4K display, water purifier and motion light with Mi Band 4 during the Smart Living 2020 event. At the same time, the sale of all the products of the company will start from September 29.
Mi Tv
Mi Tv
On the other hand, Motion Lite will be available to customers from September 18. The company has given the latest features in all its products. Customers will be able to buy MI products from the legendary e-commerce site Flipkart and the company’s official website.
At the same time, the company has kept the initial price of 4K smart TV at Rs 17,999. With this, the price of the water purifier has been kept at Rs 11,999.

Specification of Mi Smart TV

The company has launched four new 4K technology for Indian customers with 65-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch and 50-inch smart TVs. These TV customers will get a larger view area with full HD Plus display. At the same time, the company has given very thin bezels to these four TVs. Talking about the special feature, data saver will be available in these four TVs, so that customers will be able to see more content by spending less data. Apart from this, the company has given 20 Watt speakers. In addition, Xiaomi has given features like Android Pie 9.0 and Panchwall 2.0 to these smart TVs. Customers will also be able to access Netflix on these four TVs.

Mi Smart TV Price

1. Mi TV 65 Inch – Rs 54,999
2. Mi TV 50 Inch – Rs 29,9990
3. Mi TV 43 Inch – Rs 24,999
4. Mi TV 40 Inch – Rs 17,999Let us know that the company has sold all its latest smart TVs 4k technology is given.

MI Water Purifier

Xiaomi has introduced a smart water purifier equipped with special features. Due to the compact design, customers can easily apply this purifier anywhere. A 7 liter water tank has been found in this water purifier. In this purifier, water is purified with the help of 3 layers. This purifier of MI can also be monitored. The company has given TDS sensor and user app to make the purifier safe and convenient. Users will be able to get information about the health of purifier filters and water filters through this app. Xiaomi has its first purifier, which has a Do It Yourself filter. The price of the water purifier is Rs 11,999.

Mi motion light

During the Smart Living event, the company has launched Mi Motion Light in the Indian market. Mi Motion Light has two sensors which identify the light. Apart from this, customers will be able to rotate this light 360 degrees. These lights of the company will transform the homes of users into smart homes. At the same time, this light will run with the help of three AAA batteries. Xiaomi has priced it at Rs 599. At present, the company will sell only 500 units of this light.

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