Microsoft Lumia 950 review: The phone that wants to be a computer

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 is its first real attempt at competing with Android and iPhones in a long time. The 950 has updated specs and a couple unique tricks up its sleeve, but is that enough?

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  1. what kind of drugs did you take that are making the 950 camera seem slow? i need some of those… i bet you could beat up neo and 10 agents while watching gayporn on your iphone.

  2. I myself am an iPhone user. I love the Lumia and I think I will change my iPhone with a Lumia. I am not asking for a review in which the phone I like is praised. But this review is not what I was looking for. Everyone has their opinions and like I said I do not want the Lumia to be praised; but this review is bias. You did not review the phone well and the review of the camera was a few seconds long. This is the worst review of a phone that I have happened to see in my life.

  3. You really are an idiot. You don't even know how to make a good and fair review. Why don't you talk about iPhone the same way? They have the worst hardware specs including their screen, ram, processor, etc. I agree that Windows phones software isn't as good as the Android or IOS but they still have a good hardware specs and design even without aluminum design. Blackberry Priv has a plastic design but still have a good design. I don't care if you don't like Microsoft or Windows but you still have to be honest

  4. review it now. windows mobile 10 is getting amazing. there is no trace of that insider preview mess that we all experienced. now everything is smooth.
    and with too many users on pc,laptops,xbox,mobile and holo lens, every developer wants to make app for this huge number of customers.

  5. Well, at least your iPhone uses a Continuum-like experience, has a 20MP f/1.9 aperture and optical image stabilization. (Yeah, like the 6S) The 6S also has a huge battery, with its 1710mAh… Ahem. I really like glance on my Quad-HD 6S screen.

    You see how much shit this is? Just like your review, stay objective. This is just based on your opinion, a reviewer shouldn't lead a review by expressing his opinion. I also like Snapchat, it helps me waste my time even more…

  6. I do agree that the app gap is killing the Lumia Line. One thing I REALLY disagree the reviewer on is the camera. The camera is very fast mainly because I can press the camera key and the camera app launches, then half a second later I take a picture. To say that the camera is slow on this phone is saying you haven't tried it.

    Another thing this review didn't mention is that continuum can be used with a less expensive wireless adapter, or other HDMI to USB-C adapters sold by other manufactures. Also, that the mouse and keyboard can be Bluetooth, so the use of multiple USB ports aren't necessary.

    Lastly, the reviewer didn't mention how fast it takes for it to charge. Other reviewers say it can take an hour and a half for a full charge from completely dead. That is probably true, but when you have a 10-15 minutes and need a charge you can get 20-30 percent easy from that amount of time charging. This is mostly from the wall charger, but the USB cable isn't bad either. You can also imagine the very fast speeds with file transferring as well.

    One thing that the reviewer didn't mention which are actually the basket of bugs of this phone. I am a fan of Windows phone, but I know their flaws. I am not a developer, so I don't know the annoyances about making apps for it, but I am aware of them.

  7. This reminds me of when people said the original surface was a "Tablet that wanted to be a laptop" There was a lot of criticism but the surface line has matured into a very good product. I think this will be really big


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