Mobile Phone Spy App – XNSPY App Review

So for those of you who are looking for a good set of software to track your employee provided smartphones, I have found something that might just be right. In this review I am going to cover 5 really awesome features of the XNSPY mobile monitoring app. All that is really needed to get started is to install the APK file on the phone needing monitored and pay for a subscription. You can setup an ear spy by turning on the remote record in order to hear what the mic hears at the time the recording is triggered. Also for those of you trying to secure teen smartphone in order to control your kid. Other features include blocking certain phone numbers, apps, and then monitoring how many times. Geo fencing is another awesome feature that I did not cover. However please go check out two other YouTube channels that I recommend highly in order to see their coverage of the XNSPY Mobile Spying Application.

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Be watching their videos covering this app soon.

Lastly I want to thank XNSPY for letting me review this app. Go checkout their site for more information on pricing and features.

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  1. Besides the spy app mentioned in this video, I also know a monitoring app named iKeyMonitor that supports the logging of keystrokes, websites visited, call history, chats in WhatsApp, Facebook, call recordings. Both XNSPY and iKeyMonitor are famous spy apps. Users should keep in mind that a spy app can never be used for catching cheaters! This is not supported. A spy app can only be used for the legal purposes, such as protecting children's online safety.

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  5. Xnspy does not work on most of the latest android phones.

    It was disapointing that I paid for their premium pack for a year.

    On my brand new moto Z play, I had rooted to install the Xnspy.
    I had ensured that there is no antivirus or any pre-installed security apps.

    Only location and gallery gets updated and it is very slow.

    None of the features work on the latest phones.

    The tech team wanted the device rebooted and app re-installed several
    times during the troubleshoot and I held the device with me for testing it for about a week
    before handing over to my employee. Still all in vain. Their refund policy has a 10 days mark.
    I dont know If these guys will be genuine enough to refund in case of failure.


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