MORBIUS Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Morbius starring Jared Leto



  1. My prediction:
    After credits scene shows Spiderman swinging around New York at night. This is the 1st we see him all movie. He lands in a puddle of water on a roof top but its a close up of his boots. We hear a 16bit version of the original Spiderman theme song as a ring tone. Camera pans up and Spiderman pulls off his mask and says "hey MJ" and it cuts to black.
    The audience losses there shit because we just saw and heard Toby not Tom in the Spiderman suit

  2. saying the vulture is in the movie meaning it’s in the mcu, you think the post credit scene may be something involving peters identity revel and the coming of the sinister six while like hyping up sm 3?


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