Moto Z3 Play Review: The Phone With A Mod In The Box

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[Moto Z3 Play Review]

You know what’s cooler than a smartphone that lasts all day long? A smartphone that lasts all day long … and still has 80 percent battery left at bedtime. Is that enough to sell you on Motorola’s Moto Mod lifestyle? Let’s find out in the MrMobile review of the Moto Z3 Play!



MrMobile’s Moto Z3 Play Review was produced following six days with a Moto Z3 Play review device provided by Motorola. The device was running prerelease software and was tested on T-Mobile US (via Project Fi) in Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA.


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  1. $499 a year ago? Tough call at that price (great review) BUT in Nov 2019 for $149 online, with a mod OR 3 months of service? Its a great buy and this review helped me finalize my choice to buy it! Thank you MrMobile

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  3. I love the fingerprint sensor…and your software was the problem..I picked one up for $169 with free jbl stero mod..Folk have no idea how great this phone is..

  4. Grabbed this phone through a Motorola sale for $199 from their website. Also used their financing program which was the best option for me at the moment. Going to retire my Moto Z Play (first gen) as a in-bed YouTube/media device. Love the mods. I'll have 3 battery mods when this new Z3 arrives. Being able to go without a charger for a week (with multiple mods) is wonderful.

  5. I jus got a new Z3 play and returned my Z4, I just can't live with the ill fitting moto mods especially the style shells. Just a simple angular redesign ruined everything. Also, why did moto not put 6GB of memory in the Z4 like the redmi note 7 pro I would never understand.

  6. I think the fingerprint reader is actually pretty decent. You might accidentally unlock it by grabbing it on occasion but it only needs a partial print and scans easily. I find it easier to use than the front reader on the z2 force.

  7. My Moto must be defective. I only get 6hrs from the included battery and 3hrs from the internal battery. And that's with just Google and Facebook, if I use YouTube and Netflix or listen to my internal music library I lose 2% a minute of power.

  8. 2019 just picked up a Moto Z3 online at Verizon for $240 and came with 9.0.
    While the camera could use improvement, everything else I like. Just bought the JBL mod and used it today all day while digging fence post. Very nice mod.
    Let me back track a tiny bit about the camera as it may be ok but once the pic is taken my observation of that pic is whacked from the slightly blue hue the screen gives off on this phone.
    I prefer the night mode 24/7.
    Otherwise the phone is a steal for $240.

  9. Randomly searched for Moto Z and found your review which is fabulous. Totally love your style and the quality of the video. You also convinced me that there's no need to upgrade my original Moto Z Play but definitely to check out some additional mods which I was unaware of. Thanks!

  10. The only thing I want Moto to change is their clock with the battery visual.. I want. Different design .. #motorola

    All aside Moto is the best phone for me till now thanks moto .. but do change the UI please..more options needed.. yep they need to fix.those bugs really annoying.. the Moto display and the finger print also the gestures sometimes doesn't works at all x(

  11. I have had this phone for a while. I got it a few months after it was released. And I never thought to question it until now but does anybody know why my Z3 Play looks different? It doesn't have that "motorola" bold text at the bottom of the front panel. On mine, there is no text on the front.

  12. Damn! If only they had a dedicated Sd card slot (and not the Hybrid crap most phones today do) or a larger internal memory as I need the dual SIM functionality.
    I love the mods. If anyone complains about a power button position, then you have a serious problem with yourself. Seriously!

  13. I love the Mods. I wish the Z3 Play had an unbreakable screen option. totally boned my first z3 with literally a 3 inch drop to concrete. replaced the screen but the new one failed. so I got a new Z3 and I am going to try the tempered glass screen protector. if someone would come up with an Otter box compatible with the moto mods that would be great.


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