Musk launches electric cyber truck, learn price and features | Musk launches electric cyber truck, learn the price and features


Digital Desk, Los Angeles. The US company Tesla, said his six-seater electric cyber truck have been launched. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the launch it said that it will soon appear on the streets will. James Bond film The Spy Hu who loved me-m the Lotus Esprit S1 driven by this cyber Truck price of 39,900 dollars.

This truck respectively, the three version, which is 250 miles, 300 miles and 500 miles of range are included. Musk said in a tweet, said, Tell out of cyber truck (unpressurised edition) Mars Official Truck will be. Cyber truck design is largely the spy Hu who loved me M is inspired by.

Research firm IHS Market, according to the states in the 40 years since the Ford F-150 top-selling pick-up truck is. Subsequently, the list in GM’s Chevrolet Silverado is the location of the.In the US the pick-up truck segment is currently growing rapidly.

Los Angeles located in the Tesla Design Center in Musk by Ford (the company) on Monday while a video is shown, in which the F-150 and the cyber truck in the middle of a tug of War shown.

In June this year, Tesla CEO had said that the truck the price of 50 thousand dollars less than the will. At the same in keeping with the Model 3 of the starting price (currently 39,400 dollars) and the Model S sedan’s price (currently 79,990 dollars) has been laid.

Musk first year in the beginning of this truck want to launch, but were they launching to put off doing this in November decided to.

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