Netflix Offer-Netflix Users Can Get The First Month Subscription For Rs 5 In India

Netflix Offer-Netflix Users Can Get The First Month Subscription For Rs 5 In India

Netflix in India our users with a new offer can give.

Under this offer, users in the first month of Netflix any plan subscription for 5 bucks by giving you can take.

Netflix of India users offers a new soon can give. It ranging right now testing is ongoing. Under this offer, Netflix Indian users from the first month subscription of just Rs 5 will. Although Netflix say that these offers for all will not be. People who first time Netflix subscription will take them from some lucky users only this offers the advantage of will. Please tell that Netflix continued users the new features give and subscription increase ranging tasting is.

Netflix a spokesperson pointed out that Netflix’s marketing and Netflix to promote the these steps can be raised. Offers now ranging testing is ongoing. If this testing is successful then these offers all new users will be given.

What is on offer

Users any Netflix plan – 199 Rs mobile plan, Rs 499 plan, 649 Rs in the standard plan and 799 Rs plan can opt. None of these plan take users for just 5 Bucks will deliver. With the same subscribed plan according to the users many offers will meet. Please tell that before the offers under if you have Netflix subscription take you a month of subscription not to give money are.

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