Nokia 7.2 Review: Overpriced Phone of 2019?

Hi everyone, this is our review of the Nokia 7.2 after using it for a few weeks now. First, let’s start with the price. Here is the price of the Nokia 7.2 in various countries. Given below is the price of Nokia 7.2 in various countries,

🔸Nokia 7.2 Price in Nepal: NRs.23,999
🔸Nokia 7.2 Price in India: INR.18,590
🔸Nokia 7.2 Price in Bangladesh: BDT. 31990
🔸Nokia 7.2 Price in Pakistan: PKR.47,500

Nokia 7.2 is the latest mid-range smartphone the company has brought out in the market. These days Nokia phones are known for being overpriced and under specced rather than for sturdy build quality and pure Android experience.

Design is what Nokia is good at and this one follows the same story. The design of the phone looks very good. The back has this classic matte finish that looks and feels very good on the hands. One unique thing about the design is that the phone has an LED indicator in the power button, which is unique but turns out to be counterproductive.

The display is 6.3 inches in measurement and has FHD+ resolution. There is a teardrop notch at the front and down below it has a chin with a large Nokia branding on it. The display quality for an IPS panel is quite admirable to say at the least. The display is sufficiently bright outdoors and color accuracy and contrast are good as well. There is a ‘Pure Display’ feature on it but it misbehaves at times when you watch YouTube videos. I found that the phone’s quick settings menu and the app’s color scheme would start misbehaving.

On the camera front, there is a triple camera setup at the back. There is a 48MP primary lens, an 8MP ultra-wide angle sensor, and a 5MP depth sensor. Normal images are good with decent colors and saturation. They tend to be on the warmer side. The cameras are good at producing images with decent dynamic range and sharpness. Comparing the images of it with that of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, I found that Nokia 7.2 had a better dynamic range while images from the Note 8 Pro were a bit washed out.

Wide-angle images are a hit or miss. Sometimes the photos look good while sometimes it lacks quality. The portrait images are not very impressive either. It messes on the edge detection most of the time and the blur at the back is not very natural as well.

Selfies are taken by the 20MP selfie camera and lack good colors. The Note 8 pro produces better selfies than this one. The camera can take 4k videos@30fps at maximum but the best stabilization, you can get from the 1080p@30 fps.

Performance is where the phone compromises the most. It has the much older Snapdragon 660 whose performance is well not better than Snapdragon 675 or the Helio G90T which are the chipsets that are currently very popular in the mid-range market. Having said that, normal tasks run very well on the Nokia 7.2. Gaming is strictly average with PUBG running well in medium settings with HD graphics. I was only able to push CoD’s Graphics Quality to Medium and the Frame Rate to High. Likewise, multitasking is not a problem either with the 4GB RAM in the device.

Nokia 7.2 runs on Android 9 Pie with Android One on top of it. The company guarantees 2 years of software updates and 3 years of monthly security updates. The UI is very clean and navigation and transitions are very smooth on this one.

Battery- wise the Nokia 7.2 packs an okay0 ish 3,500 mAh battery. Even though the chipset supports Quick charge 4, the phone does not support fast charging, so it gives a 10-watt charger inside the box.

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  1. Selfie Portraits have a big blur by default, but you can tune it before you take the photo and choose the blur type

    You can tune the blur for the main camera Portraits before and after the shot is taken

    Nokia 7.2 & 7 Plus user 👍😃

  2. If you compare Nokia with other Redmi phones in same price range Nokia clearly beats them in RAM management ie. multitasking. Even in speedtests Nokia 7.2' SD660 beats Redmi Note 8's SD 665. So you know why they are using one and half year old chipset.

  3. So, you go on and on about how terrible this phone is. I have the Samsung S10+ and let me tell you about how over price IT is. The finger print scanner on the screen sucks. The battery sucks. Despite it being 4000mAh, it will definitely NOT last all day. Even with a case on it, there are constantly accidental touches because of the curved screen, even with the "Accidental Touch" button applied. For $349 US dollars, I'm certain that the Nokia cannot be any worse. I have actually taken pics with the Nokia camera and they are excellent. When you zoom after you've taken a photo, there is very little loss of detail. I think this reviewer uses an iPhone. I have the XR and the battery life blows my Samsung out of the water and pics are way better. So just settle down Missy.


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