OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  1. I own this phone and the one thing that gets me is the noise that the pop up camera motor makes. When I take a snapchat video and switch between rear and front cameras, the sound of the motor can clearly be heard in the playback of the video.

  2. Marquees is an apple hEAd ( Everything Apple) in all his phone reviews, he mentions 🍎 you should collab with apple to make the next apple phone and call it the apple iPhone 12 marq pro..

  3. The battery life is shit considering it has a 4200 mAh battery. It is worse than my previous phone Note 8 which apparently had a smaller battery. A bit disappointed with the display as well as watching Videos on Amazon prime i have noticed that the display changed shades of the video from light to dark every 15 to 20 sec for a millisecond and it is annoying.

  4. This guy is an Apple groupie. Oneplus 7 pro is better than the Apple 11 pro max in almost every single way possible. Faster, smoother, cheaper, on and on, the 7 pro crushes the 11.

  5. I just ordered the OnePlus 7 Pro for myself last week and I'm expecting you to arrive today! Hopefully I won't be disappointed. It's a big upgrade from my previous Samsung Galaxy S7!

  6. So,has the google camera update hit yet. Tmobile has this phone for $599 as of Thanksgiving but should drop when the 5G comes out next week. Any idea how good the 5G one will be and how much it might cost?

  7. And if you've unlock the bootloader and you're able to flash custom roms it's much more worth purchasing, AN the development on the phones, you can't compare, and one plus will not void your warranty another absolutely awesome way of fulfilling the needs of the people with their Android phones great video see you in the next one,✌️IN.

  8. I have enjoyed your videos for a long time. Now I want to start making product reviews. So it study time. Not to copy you, but to understand just how much detail you and your team add to each video. This is like a master class. 😎


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