Oppo VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank now available in India at Rs. 1,499 in Hindi

Oppo VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank now available in India at Rs. 1,499 in Hindi

Oppo Vooc Flash Charge Power Bank

Fast charging technology of the thing to almost all companies on this side quite paying attention to where the Oppo is the better performance to the brand. Oppo’s fast charging technology the VOOC name has been given. In India you have VOOC charging, the name of the Oppo, Realme and OnePlus as a brand with must have heard. So today Oppo has Your this fast charging tech with the power bank also launch is made.

Power bank with some and products also present Proms is one in which O-fresh stereo earphone, USB Type-C cable, 3.5 mm wire earphones and universal power adapter is included. So let’s look is these products of details on:

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1. Oppo VOOC Flash Charge Power Bank

Present today were power bank with capacity of 10,000 mAh maintained that 1,499 Rs price in has launched. Through it, you your phone fast charging can. Power bank 3D Arc Design and just the Black colour has been introduced in.

2. O-fresh stereo earphone

Oppo O-fresh earphonesOPP has power in addition to the bank today O-Fresh stereo earphone also 899 Rs price in has launched. These Sound Field Enhancement technology has been used. These earphone Hi-Fi Graphene diaphragm and aluminium sound call because of the Hi-Res Audio-certified is. OPP’s here on the best HD output while promising a microphone support too.

3. Other accessories

Oppo’s entry level wired earphone also 399 Rs price in presented is one in which you built-in Mick and sweat-proof design even get to see.

With its 699 Rs of the new Type-C cable also introduced is. This cable 480Mbps speed of data transmitted is able to. As well as this is fast charging also support this.

In the other here on 699 Rs of the charging adapter has also been introduced which high-voltage and the shortcode of the circuit to avoid electric fluctuations the control does.


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