Pranitha Subhash to star in Bollywood comedy film Hungama 2 see Photos

Pranitha Subhash to star in Bollywood comedy film Hungama 2 see Photos

Publish Date: | Sat, 29 Feb 2020 12:20 PM (IST)

South Indian movies in your the hot style of walking different stage gain above Pranitha Subhash as soon as your first Bollywood film will be seen in. Pranitha Subhash Pranitha Subhash upcoming Bollywood Movie Comedy Hungama 2 for cast has been. Please tell, part 2003 by commotion in the film was created whose sequels this year is going to be made, in which Javed Jaffrey, son of man Jaffrey, Paresh Rawal and Shilpa Shetty lead roll in Kapil’s show. Pranitha Subhash earlier in South India ‘three day’, ‘sun’, ‘more’ and ‘Brahma’ in films like red-eye are done. Pranitha Subhash’s bold style sight came in. This is the first time that they have comedy try his luck in are being.

Instagram yourself at the event.

Pranitha Subhash made her Bollywood entry about herself in declared. He Your Instagram post written on the ‘Priyadarshan and Ratan Jain of everyone’s favorite comedy Hungama 2 back ranging are coming. All people unlimited confusion to be ready for sale. #RatanJain manufactured by, Hungama2 on August 14 will release. # Part #PareshRawal @TheShilpaShetty @MeezaanJ @ pranitha.insta @Venmmovies @ Hungama2film

The next film Ajay Devgn with

Commotion 2 after Hindi films, Pranitha Subhash a journey not a million early voters. His next Hindi film in, they Ajay Devgan with will be seen. The name of this movie is ‘Ongole: the pride of India’. The film is a corrosion based on in which Pranitha Subhash Ajay Devgn’s wife’s role back.

Comedy is always the same Peron darling of the area is, so they’re from the same return to you are thinking about. The last few times He many scripts were working on and them now “commotion” of related to a story has got.’

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fantasy cricket

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