Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset without integrated 5G goes official in Hindi

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset without integrated 5G goes official in Hindi

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 announced

Qualcomm’s annual Tech Summit in the latest flagship chipset the Snapdragon 865 of the announcement is given. Patently it Snapdragon 855 and 855+ of the same upgrade. It 5G exclusive chipset, which is expected that that this next year will fairly much be is.

Chipset you integrated 5G support has not been given. Due to which chipset to use smartphone brands the 2nd gen X55 modem-RF 5G modem separately would have to be used.

So Qualcomm chipset and modem together to sell. That is why companies this chipset of cinema 4G device in a separate 4G modem to not come to be which is a big step.

Qualcomm has SD865 chipset the world’s most advanced global 5G of the platform generally is introduced. But chipset-related details still clear-clear not described is added. If the rumors well here on the 4x Kryo Silver कोर@1.8Ghz clock speed, 3x Kryo Gold core @ 2.42 GHz clock speed in addition to the 1x Kryo Gold core @2.84 GHz clock speed with given is.

Qualcomm said on here 2020 for the upcoming road-map of the information shared.

So let’s just to market the phones under discussion is know is those SD865 chipset that about the phone,

Snapdragon 865 containing some smartphone

1. Xiaomi Mi 10

Instagram the the-cofounder and President Lin Bin has clear have of the upcoming Mi 10 Snapdragon 865 chipsets can be used. But in addition, no date or time-line not described is added.

For now, the reports here according to Mi 10 Pro friend also introduced, which can be a few days ago Mr. Bin by Weibo post from the scrub had been.

Both the same phone next year CES 2020 around the time of the launch in the BE can be.

2. Titanium M6 5G

Chinese luxury smartphone and water by the same year in October in the month was introduced. Titanium M6 5G first 5G which may be 2020 in the early months of viewing can get.

In this phone you 12GB of RAM, 1TB of storage in addition to 64MP camera setup also can get.

3. Other brands

Lenovo based Motorola said that she soon as this latest flagship chipset of your device will launch. The event only on Motorola’s president, said today of the launch of the added the latest technology we with the year 2020 in the new premium product launch will.

Oppo has also upcoming in 2020 Snapdragon 865 with phone to launch of the have said.

Besides the Galaxy S11, Note 11 of the Indian been in, OnePlus 8, Pixel 5, etc., also hope this latest chipset to see Met.


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