Quro Tool Will Tell The Difference Between Common Flu And Corona

Quro Tool Will Tell The Difference Between Common Flu And Corona

In Sydney, this tool is designed to know who can be that any person is infected with the flu or the corona is infected.

On March 4 these tools roll-out was done.

Corona virus let go of the whole world in the last weekend happened. About 606 case Front have arrived. While 11 people have died. Corona virus for the common man dangerous is because it any general similar to the flu. In such a situation the question is arise that how to know whether someone common flu or the corona is infected. It to check in Sydney a tool is designed.

Located in Sydney media health, has corona virus how to check for a tool is created. This tool name ‘Quro’ is.These tools will decide your corona virus check should be or not. This tool will know that no person corona is infected or common infected with the flu is.

Of Indian origin Abhi Bhatia of AI digital health startup on behalf of these tools is created. On March 4 these tools roll-out was done. According to the report produced more than 75,000 people Consulting has.

Media health the founder of the English newspaper reported, ” when the cover-19 hits, so we had understanding that we have your medical information in the graph to the backend on how you can use. We have, therefore, a tool is created.”

How does the tool work

He told Quro AI based tool. Where people sign up or personal details is not required to give. It is the virtual health guide is like. These tools your travel history, past medical history and present you what illness you are suffering from based on the conclusions it reaches. This web access can also be used.

While Abhi Bhatia says that this is the tool to make their purpose people nervousness in reducing the was. As well as people with the right information had to give. Bhatia to think that these tools cover-19 understand the magnitude of the government agencies and health organizations can help. Bhatia pointed out that the tool to develop in Bhatia and his team 8-9 day began.

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