Randeep Hooda Is Playing The Role Of Raj In Love Aaj Kal For Imtiaz

Randeep Hooda Is Playing The Role Of Raj In Love Aaj Kal For Imtiaz

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda movies to your different for the character has been known. Randeep often the 1990s of characters to play from the shied. That’s where the ‘Love Aaj Kal’ he secrets of the character is fulfilled. In this on, adding that he is character Imtiaz Ali say.

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda in the movies different characters to play has been known. Randeep often the 1990s of popular characters Raj, Rahul and Prem of roles to play from the shied. There, now Randeep’s film ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in the secrets of the character is fulfilled. At this point, while Randeep said that so he and his friend Imtiaz Ali say.

Actor Randeep Hooda says that when she in the film world came in then Raj, Rahul and Prem’s character in the Bollywood hero to become a symbol had been. He it besides the characters chosen and these characters from the distance created.

Randeep according to the 19 years later Imtiaz said that the secret of role play to persuade are. Imtiaz Ali Randeep ranging your Instagram account from the film’s promo post is written, ‘Brother, we have the last of the best saved’. While Randeep has also the answer is written in that ‘my whole career in the secrets to avoid the latter, too, only for your brother.’

Please tell that Randeep Hooda Imtiaz directing the third time in the film are. In this movie Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan is also the main role. Film on February 14 Valentine’s day on the sidelines of the release is getting. The film is the story of the early 1990s and 2020 among the two-Leste is based on. In which Randeep romance-cum-separation story part of Sara Ali Khan narrates.

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