Raveena Tandon Praises Pakistan ATC | Raveena Tandon Pakistan ATC of compliment, said

Raveena Tandon Praises Pakistan ATC | Raveena Tandon Pakistan ATC of compliment, said

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon from India, Oman, going to the plane in bad weather secure the covering removed to carry Pakistan’s air traffic controller (ATC) the compliment is. Raveena India and Pakistan strained relations between ATC made by Help remarkable told. He said in a tweet, “when humanity, the Congress win has been. Pakistan’s air traffic controller said from Jaipur to Muscat on a flight to destroy saved from being taken.”

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Interestingly, Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority, the ATC has its acumen from the India from Oman a plane going to the extremely bad weather in the crash of a victim to be saved from was.

Last Friday the media report this event, giving details of the was told that Oman airline’s flight number 276 Indian city Jaipur from Oman’s capital Muscat was going. It contains 150 people were aboard. Into Pakistani airspace when it reached, at that time, the weather is extremely bad.

Report of Civil Aviation in the quoted sources was told that the Sindh territory of the end plane in the sky-blue power-in the grip of was to come and crash fears cause was. Subsequently, the pilot of the plane by the nearby ATC stations on the crisis, giving details of the help for the message is sent.

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The report said that the Pakistan ATC had the pilot of the plane contacted. ATC said the aircraft, a Pakistani flight out of the area to constantly Root about the message sent to other planes away from keeping safe on the way forward sent.

Published: 18 Nov 2019 08:45 PM

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