Razer Phone review

Razer’s first Android phone is a striking piece of hardware with excellent performance, undone by a dim display and a calamitous camera.

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  1. Still going strong through two rainy winters. The battery still lasts around 2 – 3 days and I never need more than half the brightness outdoors – I don't use it like most reviewers – reflecting direct sunlight across it- I just turn away like I did with others. Camera is silly… Having a Usb headphone dongle is very annoying but its still great.. specially for a second-hander!

  2. This is the only phone in 20 years that I can’t use just because I can’t see the screen , beside of weird lines on the screen you can’t see it even in the house if you got the blinds of the windows open , are you kidding me razed ? Paid 600£ For it sold it for 300 with extra work and 12 accessories, this phone I will not recommend even to my enemy YOU CAN’T use it just understand is not meet the minimum 300 nits the screen , I received 2 updates in 8 months, if you unlock it with the pin because the fingerprint is not working and use it on Facebook let say for 10 mini is getting hot and the screen it will dim even more , i use a bottle of water near it to cool it down i am not joking,please understand this phone is not ready for prime time , I changed 3 of this they give me replacement every time , last time they said they loosing money with me and I sold him , this is a joke phone , the battery is shit , the cable for the charger got killed in 3 days

  3. You bombed this review….hard. This phone's ram, audio, processor and so many other features can't be found in any other phone and it is delivered at or below what the competition sells for.The thing is pretty much flawless right out of the gate on Razer's first venture into the market. Here is the funny part…I HATE RAZER!!! they used to offer good products of extremely high quality..but they have begun cutting corners on quality….their laptops quality control is nearly as bad as the garbage laptops themselves. I was expecting these phone to burst into flames all over the news….but they actually nailed this product is a massive way. You need to pull the iPhone 10 out of your ass and then try this review again. Not our fault you spent $1100 on less than half the features this $699 phone brings to the table.


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