Realme X50 with Dual-mode 5G and Dual Punch-hole Display will be the First Realme 5G Phone in Hindi

Realme X50 with Dual-mode 5G and Dual Punch-hole Display will be the First Realme 5G Phone in Hindi

The First Realme 5G phone will be Realme X50

In recent times almost all the brand-5G-Jane on the side of your stance are the Realme behind how may remain? The company said its Realme X50 the first 5G smartphone on Tees is done. Realme of China CMO Xu Qi Chade has made sure the phone soon in China launch will be.

In China launched the go with this device in Indian market even in the launch will be the name whether be different but the device certainly will. Last week’s launch were Realme X2 Pro launch have been, in which Madhav Seth also said the company in India 5G connectivity device in 2020 will launch.

Qi Chase has a Weibo post on the Clear used is:

  • X means X-series, which Realme of premium lineup can be said is.
  • 5 of Mt is 5G support smartphone
  • 0 Here’s to the next year, i.e. 2020 refers to, i.e. next year you 5G smartphone you’ll get to see.

Realme X50 related information

Realme X50

See here is a matter that is of the Realme X50, probably from the dual-mode 5G and dual punch hole display like feature also can’t be given is.

Dual-punch hole display the recent Galaxy S10+ was seen and it V-was scourged and then or U-was scourged and then even better than the IS.

In addition in the phone software as on Color OS 7 to see who will get the 26 November launch will be.

2019, end of the year noticeably closer and different years you much higher numbers in the 5G phone will be is. Realme of the same like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei companies like similar races included in the stack.

Qualcomm has already X50 modem with the Snapdragon 855 and 855+ launch and soon the Snapdragon 865 and SD735 chipset is also in the market to present is. This latest chipset is probably from the 3 December starting with the Snapdragon Technology Summit in May appear.


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