Relay Review: An LTE Walkie-Talkie For Kids (Of All Ages)

In a world of smartphones that do everything, it’s refreshing to try a gadget that does … one thing. Relay is an LTE Walkie-Talkie from Republic Wireless designed to keep your kids in contact with you (and each other) without forcing them into the same crippling smartphone addiction that’s slowly sucking the life from all of us grown-ups. But every major wireless carrier has had significant challenges making push-to-talk over data networks function properly – so how much reliability do you sacrifice with Relay versus a traditional cellphone? Find out in MrMobile’s Relay review, then be sure to check out Modern Dad’s and Android Central’s Relay reviews in the links below!


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MrMobile’s Relay Walkie-Talkie Review was produced following one week with a pair of Relay review units provided by Republic Wireless. The devices were running pre-release software and were tested on Republic Wireless (via the Sprint network) in Greater Boston, MA.

Pursuant to my input concerning service reliability, Republic provided the following feedback about Relay:

“Our latest software build is 1.2 (112) which has some improvements to the resiliency of LTE on CDMA […] We’ve had a small % of customers needing a SIM swap but it has helped almost all of them. The swap is simple [from] a customer perspective, just remove existing SIM and insert new SIM and reboot. We have some algorithms that help us evaluate coverage both based on the vector data we get from the carriers and on real customer experience (eg. if a customer in the same area has requested a swap previously). These data drive future considerations for the coverage we give customers.”


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  1. I already have a T-Mobile sim card, I know the first payment purchase is with the purchase of the Relay. But, after I pay that would I be able to cancel it and put my sim card in it?

  2. This seems like it could be good for adults too, especially for say a loved one who's struggling with depression and needs to avoid their phone for the most part. A dedicated channel of communication is something I've been looking for. <3

  3. Gizmo gadget is way cooler – it's a watch – it has a screen – but no internet access and it calls like a phone only to numbers you allow – along with GPS… highly recommend if you're looking for something like this👍

  4. 3:14 sprint in general sucks. I've been thinking about moving to T-Mobile as the merge won't happen until about 2020. In Michigan the coverage is very spotty. Hell, even in DC or Cali it sucked. (Mostly)

  5. In Vietnam parents just give kids Nokia feature phones and that's it. I know Relay is a different kind of product but in my country, Nokia works just well. And they're so cheap and reliable.

  6. yeah fantastic but as a child my phone costs less and i can kinda sorta can do school work on it. the only upside is that i wouldn't be able to do anything else but talk with it. Even then, school work.


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