[Review] Alcatel Go Flip – A 4G Flip Phone Today !

Review of the Alcatel Go Flip! A 4G flip phone!
This phone is also known as the QuickFlip!

Review by TailsFurse.

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Boost Mobile: https://www.boostmobile.com/#!/shop/phones/alcatel-go-flip/features/


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  1. I have a 4G Alcatel and I really do not like it at all. The speaker is turned on and I can't seem to turn it off. I wish I would have just jumped into a smartphone. If I am going to be lost it's better to be lost on an iPhone. Frustrated. I have missed so many calls and the Verizon didn't even transfer my contacts!

  2. Hi I was just wondering can i call with this phone on wifi because when i try to call it says call failed. Note:I dont have a sims card
    Also my other question is how do you add music to it thank you.

  3. I have this phone and it works great in town but in rural areas it has a difficult maintaining a one bar signal reception in the same precise locations in my home that my previous Alcatel had three bars of signal strength. The other down falls are that whenever you carry this phone in your pocket it has the annoying ability to turn on the camera by itself and/or reset the ring and speaker volume. The unprotected volume controls and camera controls are the reason for these adjustments. Battery life will go down to thirty percent in three days if it is left turned on and not used for any services.

  4. I have one of these. I'm relatively happy with it, but it could have easily done a few other things which would make it much better. 1. On the AT&T version I own, it does not support a hotspot, but only tethering using the USB port, a very clunky and unnecessary method to use it to connect another device to the Interne. 2. It doesn't support group texting, something which it should easily be able to do given that I have a dataplan and it support MMS texting. 3. It doesn't offer a block number feature, which even many 3G phones support. 4. It doesn't support automatically routing calls from numbers not in the Contacts to voicemail (which is how I avoid robocalls on my iPhone). If this phone supported each of those four features, this would be an outstanding device, even if that required doubling the price.

  5. I have had five flip phones, this is the WORST one I have ever had. It has freezes up & quits working and I have to remove the battery to re set it. What a piece of JUNK! People say it sounds like you are talking in a tunnel. My Samsung was 10X better than this cheap garbage. I cannot wait to switch back to my old carrier and get rid of this!

  6. I thought texting (basically typing) was old school. I can't imagine texting with someone for an hour! Too much effort. I want to hear a human voice on my phone.

  7. I want a flip phone exactly like the sleek Moto Razr2 V9. Give it a touchscreen and a compact android OS (e.g. wear OS). Also add a physical button for google assistant that can be long pressed for dictating texts. That's my perfect phone.

  8. my 80 year old mother needs this, she spends 20 hours a week confused by her phone, I should go beat the shit out of the 17 year old that sold her a high level smartphone, she dont email of phone, doesnt take videos, doesnt text, yet these assholes sell her a moto g6


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