Review & Unboxing: OBi200 FREE Home Phone Calls

Want to save money on home phone calls? Checkout the OBi200 for free home phone calls using Google Voice.
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  1. Liked your review. You didn't mention call quality. I have an Ooma and the call quality is poor. I would like to know how OBITalk compares, better, worse, etc. Thank You

  2. Thanks for the information. I was using Ooma and the taxes grew to $5.80+ per month. The sound quality on my Obi is better than Ooma, and my Obi works with my fax machine too. No need for 911 service as my cell phone is always near me or sitting on my night stand. Wish I would have switched sooner.

  3. I have a couple of old rotary dialed phones I would like to actually use. Will this allow me to use them? Also is there any way you know of that would allow these old phones to ring when I get a call on my cell phone? My living room and kitchen are decorated in the 1950/60s style and really want these phones to actually work.

  4. I've had MagicJack for years with no issues(don't use their power supplies they suck and get really hot), it has 911, and it only cost me $99 for 5 years of service plus a yearly 911 fee from my county that's less then $5, plus it was an easy number port from my Vonage, which before that was a Verizon POTS line, which before that was a GTE POTS line, so my house has been able to keep the same number for almost 40 years without having to change it which is nice, but if i ever become unhappy with MagicJack after my paid service is up, then I'll for sure look into this.

  5. Used to use the service several years ago. It was pretty choppy. No 911 support at the time. Again, this was back in 2011. The 110 model. Lots of potential, but with WiFi calling and unlimited cell minutes now, we don't have or need a house phone. Maybe when our kids get older, we'll change our tune.

  6. I have two that have been in use for 2 years! No problem unless the internet goes down. Bam game over until the internet is back. Most people have a cell for backup already so… The sign up can be confusing. You must apply and get your Google Voice account and number before setting up the box.


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