Rishi Kapoor Said, Places Named After Artists Instead Of Leaders

Rishi Kapoor Said, Places Named After Artists Instead Of Leaders

Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor feels that the government artists the proper respect doesn’t, which they are entitled. The actor in this thing from the spluttering that is as respected overseas artists get, she is in India not given.

Bollywood’s five decades of experience keep the actor who has ANI said, “Our government artists how to hang up, when I think about I am so immensely sad to be am. We He country, which are worldwide in cinema, music and culture because of the tend to go, but see that our icons of how the behavior occurs. As other countries do, what our country in exactly the same proper respect these artists get?”

He said, “all the new roads, flyovers, airports to name yet the leaders are named. These artists name on it why not done?” The actor said, “We have Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Allah same tbh, Lata Mangeshkar ji such as are giants. I you it not because I am saying it from my family, but what you Cinema business from the and Prithviraj Kapoor ji’s contribution can ignore? He is worldwide recognized, but in my country not. Why is that so?”

America from Cerro treated by returned Rishi Kapoor saw how the overseas artists the proper respect is given and the young generation also its about culture, the good sense is meant. The Sage said, “in America, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and many other artists on the name of the place, and the younger generation, their contribution is well-versed. Here, all of some politicians name on it.”

The actor said, “We have astronauts imagination Chawla as achievement are. Many of the youth are inspiration to. About them our child how well do you know? The leader is the only one of the agenda under the name are changed, while artists in their lifetime enough respect not given.”

Sage the cinema for his contribution to the many prizes. In the 1970s encountered in the three hours of the film ‘My Name is joker of’ little Raju to them in the Best Actor category of national award also was found.

Published: 19 Nov 2019 06:52 AM

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