Salman Khan holding niece Ayat Arpita Khan Shared this cute photo and says These hands are god sent

भांजी Ayat को गोद में लिए नजर आए Salman Khan, बहन Arpita Khan ने लिखा - भगवान के भेजे हाथ हैं ये

Publish Date: | Wed, 15 Jan 2020 11:55 AM (IST)

Salman Khan’s birthday at sister Arpita Khan’s daughter Ayat was delivered. Salman Khan according to it for their family the most special gift was. Salman Khan’s niece after the birth of the now both with the picture in the front eye is. These photos by Salman Khan niece at Sharma love in the dock lift is placed. His mother Salma Khan is also standing near. Picture this hospital only.

Arpita took this photo Instagram account on the stock and had this photo to post with the heart Touch post also wrote.

Arpita wrote, ‘in this world nothing like that has me haunted and the only reason was that I knew that my you stand and and you ever with me having nothing will. Now at the same the security of the blessings received. These are the hand of God has sent you. @beingsalmankhan and my amazing mother @ salmakhan1942 am grateful for. These are two people that only comes to make love.’

Why was it the birth announcement himself via Twitter was, ‘this beautiful world and welcome to it. Thank you Arpita and Ayush, the whole family for the best birthday present to give. Everyone who read it is going to bless him and let he through everybody feel proud made. All of the love and respect to thank you.’

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fantasy cricket

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