Salman Khans Film crosses 90 crore Mark in Four months

Dabangg 3 Box Office Day 4 : Salman Khan की फिल्म पहुंची 90 करोड़ पार

Publish Date: | Tue, 24 Dec 2019 03:41 PM (IST)

Dabangg 3 Box Office Day 4 : Salman Khan’s film ‘Dabangg 3’ of the first Monday it 10 million more than earnings has been giving. First the good news Dabangg 3 has come out. The fear was that somewhere these earning 10 million down from the NA lasted whether. On Monday, it has 10.70 crore clocked in. In this way its total earnings 91.85 crores has been. Can say that Saturday of the same earning from it of 100 million Cross can be. In five days if it is Rs 100 crore to get if you’re 10 day this 150 crore rupees earn will take.

People are looking at it. All evils in spite of it to get visitors if you are Salman Khan fan following of the idea can be planted. Salman Khan fan of them fire from the mouth to view and punches the Earth party are coming to see.

Friday the day of 24.50 crore of earnings it achieved was. On Saturday, the Salman Khan film has 24.75 crore were clocked. Sunday to 31.90 crore of earnings received. Now on Monday, a third earning, have remained the same but then it is fine. These are figure and may fall down, but it didn’t happen.

The coming Friday will release ‘good news’. Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Big 3’ of the future will decide. If the ‘good news’ running out so ‘Dabangg 3’ will damage. Do the same nearly 15 million loss of it across the country are running to amend citizenship under the law is.

The film critics of the compliment was not found. Weak film the length of a quarter to three hours and half a dozen bore songs also it incur are. Villain in ICC Sudeep who ‘fly’ from the film is known. Sa Manjrekar in it have had a chance. Prabhu Deva in the director and their coming from the south the touch of this ‘domineering’ in looks.

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