Samsung Galaxy A50 Unboxing & Overview – Camera Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy A50 Unboxing & Overview the A50 has a triple rear camera setup with main camera being 25MP a 8MP wide and a 5MP depth and a 25MP front facing camera it has a 6.4″ SAMOLED screen is powered by new Exynos 9610 SOC comes in 4/6 GB RAM and 4000 mah battery with fast charging.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 pricing starts at Rs 19,990 for 4GB Ram variant and 6GB Ram variant is Rs 22,990.



  1. Samsung are the worse phones.worse finger print in the market,call connection issues,battery drains very quickly, camera is a bit okay,don't even dare to buy.i sold it within 50days for half price

  2. I got this phone on the weekend. The phone is good but the camera for anything other than marco or less than a metre is terrible! My old galaxy s5 is far better. Test it before you buy if you want to use it for photos

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  4. Bekar phone, I am using this phone from last 6 month. Hanging problems, thum lock are not working properly that's why I am using pattern lock, working very slow, caller name show nahi kar raha turant…. bhai ye samsung ka sabse bekar phone laga ek bar girne se piche ka back cover toot gaya….


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