Samsung Galaxy E5 Android Phone Review in 4K

Samsung Galaxy E5 full review the Galaxy E5 is a mid range android phone by Samsung it has a 5″ SAMOLED 720p screen is powered by a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core processor based on the Snapdragon 410 chipset it has a 8MP / 5MP font facing camera and I have used the Galaxy E5 of over 3 weeks before producing this review and I share my pros and cons with the Galaxy E5 in this video review.

My other videos on the Galaxy E5

You can purchase the Galaxy E5 Online in India via flipkart



  1. My wife got this phone its ok but my ZTE Lever 6 inch, Quad processor with 2 gigs ram and 16 gig internal memory is better. Mine has a way bigger battery and will last near 2 days on battery life. It also cost the same as the E5 on straight talk from walmart.

  2. I like your speaking skills @Geekyranjit t . i just wanted to know if you can post a separate video for Samsung Galaxy j5 vs e5. As I'm not able to decide whether purchase j5 via flipkart or go for e5.Plzz…..

  3. one qst?

    i bought the samsung e5 mobile last week ..In the back side some sound will come from over the camera,led,speaker circle if you little punch mean it it's an issue or it will be in the handset …could plz response me sir….

  4. Hi Ranjit, I would like to know whether the bezel colour will fade like in S duos series?
    Also can you suggest some premium looking slim devices for around 15-18k (Android only). I don't mind the camera quality, but I would really like a good battery backup.



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