Samsung Galaxy Fold Review | The best phone you shouldn't buy

Our hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold:
The Galaxy Fold delivers a ‘wow’ factor that no other phone offers today, and yet we’d only recommend it to early adopters with a penchant for impressing their peers, and who have money to burn. It’s a technical marvel, with technical limitations, and it makes us hopeful for a more fully rounded sequel.
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  1. WTFug was this reivew? haha this has got to be the fastest, laziest, and lamest Samsung Fold review I've seen yet. The guy literally treated the phone as if it's a beta prototype still in testing when it's already available to consumers. It's 1st gen, you are asking way too much from it. I think samsung did a wonderful job refining the phone compared to many other ones that I saw. Many other reviewers are saying that the line doesn't bother them at all once there are contents on the screen, you will be immerse in it and the folded line isn't noticeable at all. You're make a huge ass deal out of it haha.

  2. Phone been out for a while now, and this is all the guy could say about the phone for a "REVIEW" lol. The "screen isnt perfect, there's a crease…" well no DUH! If you fold something there's a crease that comes with it lol. Any phone out there that folds and doesnt have a crease? Huawei Mate X? I see a crease there too lol. Battery is tough to judge? Geez, majority of the people would be happy if their phone could make it through the day without charging, here we have this guy who has a phone that could easily make it though the day with heavy or minor use and he's saying "thats a tough one to judge" lol. Were you expecting a week long battery life sir? For a screen that massive, you should be glad you got a day out of it. Wow factor since the original iphone? =))) you forgot the Note line up, I heard a lot of wows with that one too. Plenty of phones had wow factors since the iphone, keep up with tech dude, your radar is off. Google glass was a prototype that never got release to the public, this phone actually released, not only did it got released but it will soon have a Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X is coming, so is a Razr phone with a folding screen too. Folding screen phones are not going to "end up in a drawer" because they are already here and they are staying, keep up man.

  3. Honestly, I think this phone will be more like the original iPhone than Google Glass. Google Glass wasn’t really paving the way forward for anything, as it relied on a glorified HUD system rather than any sort of AR functionality. The original iPhone, on the other hand, changed how we saw and used smartphones forever. With its introduction, everyone had to either get on the multitouch bandwagon or risk getting obsolete like Blackberry. Considering the fact that there are many other smartphone makers developing foldable phone technology and the software support is increasing, I think that the Fold will be seen as yet another turning point in how we use our phones, when smartphones became more than simple calling and multimedia devices


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