Samsung Galaxy Series Completed 10 Years, Getting So Much Discount

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Smartphone South Korean company Samsung has 10 years on your customers the discount, decided to give. Additionally, HDFC Bank’s debit card or credit card holder to the case and free gifts will also be offered. About the cell, stating the same said that discount offers Samsung’s Galaxy series will be given on. These cell from November 23 until December 31 last.

Samsung Galaxy series S10e is on so cashback-

If you Samsung Galaxy S10e can buy immediately if you 8 thousand bucks of cashback will get. In addition you HDFC Bank debit or credit card use so you separate to 6 thousand bucks of cashback different from Get. I.e. in total 14 thousand bucks of cashback you can get. Samsung Galaxy S10e price of 55 thousand 900 is Rs.

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Samsung Galaxy series S10,S10 Plus so on discount-

If you Samsung Galaxy S10 buy you 5 thousand bucks the discount will get. S10 Plus if you buy a You 4 thousand bucks, a discount could get. HDFC Bank debit or credit card to use both on the same phone on you 6 thousand bucks of cashback different from Get. Let me tell you that the Samsung S10 price of 69 thousand 999 is Rs. While the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus the price of 79 thousand 999 is Rs.

Talk Samsung Galaxy A30, then the discount is running. Its price is 18 900 thousand bucks. Which is that this time the 15 thousand 999 bucks is to get in. While the Samsung Galaxy A50(4 GB) mobile price of 19 thousand 999 is Rs. On which Samsung 4 thousand 901 Rs discount is give. Let me tell you that the Samsung Galaxy A70 on Samsung discount not give up. In the market A70 price of 28 thousand 999 is Rs. If you these mobile you buy a You Samsung of 1 thousand 999 rupees of Bluetooth headphones meet.

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Published: 23 Nov 2019 02:45 PM

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