Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review In Hindi Price In India And Specifications – Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review: Lte support, a best Android tablet !

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review

Samsung in Indian market by your tablet while expanding Galaxy Tab S6 (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6) The launch is done. Tab S6 in HDR10 Plus display is given. Besides spectacular performance and gaming for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage that the LTE variant of the price 59,900 RS is laid. This is the tab for touchpad pack you can buy which costs 10,999 RS, but offers it with just 5,499 RS is to get in. Galaxy Tab S6 to the We have up to a month if used let Review know Galaxy Tab S6 you should buy or not?


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – design and specifications
This tab in half 10-inch Super AMOLED display that HDR 10 plus IE (high dynamic range) support is. Such in her plus with the launch nearing, it is the world’s first tablet is. HDR 10 plus the support due to you the fantastic colors will meet. In addition video and gaming experience would be best. Tab S6 of the body metal is. In terms of design it’s a great tab. Its edges are curved. Its weight is 420 grams. The tab is quite handy, too.

In such a you with it travel to no trouble. It back side two cameras are. Galaxy Tabs in the fantastic audio to four speakers whose voice rocking. Speakers in the Dolby Atmos also support is. Such in the audio range, you no problem is occurring. This tab in the in-display fingerprint sensor has been. The tab on the right side of the SIM card slot is. This tab of span the stylus will also find in which 0.35 mAh battery which has wireless charging support is. Pen with Bluetooth get support also will find through which you control can and presentation during the slide also control can. Pen the tab behind the attach has been done.

Galaxy Tab 6s in 7040 mAh battery, which will fast charging support is. Connectivity-wise, the company has this phone Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, 4G-VoLTE, GPS and USB port Type-C such as features are given. In-display fingerprint sensor with it Face Unlock will also. This tab Samsung with DeX also support will help you this tablet like laptops will be able to use.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – camera
By Samsung this tab photography the thrill of the double the to two the rear camera are given in which a lens 13 megapixel and the second in 5-megapixel is. There is a lens wide angle and the second ultra wide angle is. Camera with virtual assistant Bixby Vision also support get. 13-megapixel lens wire camera with a wide angle also support is. While a selfie is 8-megapixel front camera has been. With the Camera Pro, Live Focus, Photo, Video and hairless like modes meet. Camera AR with emoji also support is. This tablet from you altered can record video. The camera’s performance so I personally any tab from the photo to click like will not do, however it does not mean that the camera is bad. This camera great and video calls as common to meet the needs brilliantly does.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – software and performance
RAM, processor and storage of the tab in the 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will that you memory card with the help of a TB to be able. This tablet Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor which will that a flagship chipset. This tab in the Android Pie 9.0 based forest UI has been given. Processor with any type of no problem. Review for up to a month after use also tab stuck or hang the problem of having not occurred. The performance of the tab, smoothly works.

With it Samsung Flow which help you get your Samsung smartphone to connect with it can. Samsung Flow with smartphone connect after you phone most of the Work tab from the can. Even if you tab from the phone can. The special thing is that if the phone and the tabs connect to each other if you are calling the notification You tab and phone both get on. In this tab you A with many app can use and small windows making them adjusting can also.

Tab Samsung in DeX also support get. In such you tab to the desktop like can also be used. We tab S6 to the Sim who werent of the review did. Connectivity to the SIM card slot get. In this slot you memory card can also be used. As far as battery is concerned then there is 7040 mAh battery, which is fast charging support is. Charging you for the Type-C port also get. Battery backup is fantastic. A common user tab of the battery last the whole day with cheats. On this tab video viewing and gaming experience spectacular. Overall, ask if the Galaxy Tab S6 great entertainment and powerful performance of the Combo Pack.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – S Pen performance
The S Pen is fantastic. With its help, you scratch, like many can work. In addition it via Bluetooth to get control is also given in help you have any Windows maximized to or minimize can. S Pen (Stylus) on the tablet back on the panel have found a place where it can be placed. There are also magnets which have been given it from its place, not falling, gives. The S Pen you need to charge is not. This tab, as you get charged.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – keyboard
By Samsung this time big changes while the tab S6 with the keyboard the touchpad given, which is that before that version was not. Such in you desktop the full experience of the will. The keyboard can easily be connected. Review during keyboard performance ranging us no trouble occurred.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – should buy or not?
At this juncture in the tablet market no major player is not. Companies like Google also TAB market hands from behind to pull you. Such Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to a strong tablet in the form of is introduced. In this tab you great camera get, the build quality is good, fast charging with a large battery, get powerful processor and for connectivity it has SIM card support is the same. So overall if you great Android tab are looking for and your budget also well then for you it is a perfect tablet.

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