Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 to be launched in 3 variants and ECG Monitor says report

Samsung Watch
Photo Credit: Twitter/ Evan Blass

After the successful launch and in-demand of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung is now launching a new watch which will be the heir of it.  The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is rolling out with new features and functionalities. There are some online reports regarding the same stating that the new watch will embed an ElectroCardioGram monitoring feature also, ECG.

There are certain rumors that just after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be released in the next successive month. It is also reported that the ECG feature will not be imposed in the initial release, though it will have all the specifications, that could be only seen after a software update, might be next year.

Wearable has recently reported that Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is codenamed as Renaissance and will be launched in 3 variants. The very first variant will be the LTE model, followed by Bluetooth-only model and then Under Armour-branded Bluetooth version. All these variants have different features up to certain limits.

You can use all these models with iOS and Android, both. The only limitation will be with LTE based model, as it will only work on Android devices and not on iOS plated devices.

Since Apple has also released Watch Series 4 with sizes like 40mm and 44mm, Samsung has also followed the same route as far as the dimensions are concerned.

It is said in the report that the ECG monitor will be enabled for public use after the firmware update, which might be released in the next half of the year 2020. So it is assumed that it will be officially usable by the users in July-August of 2020. The reason behind this late is, Samsung is waiting for FDA approval. Though there are some other features which will be announced on the day of launch, it is assumed that heart rate monitor will also be over there.

Users worldwide are hoping for the ECG release in the very initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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