Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan And Many Celebs Wisheh Happy New Year 2020

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan And Many Celebs Wisheh Happy New Year 2020

Mumbai: Celebrate the New Year in the common human like Bollywood stars also are quite busy, but meanwhile they have their fans a Happy New Year give not forgotten. Its a black & white picture in the post is Shah Rukh Khan said on Instagram, wrote, “I would not say that whom what should be or should do or is it years what to be suitable for is because I own many flaws, I wish that the coming us dearly callousness, and we who are the same stay tuned. God gracefully on US persists. Happy New Year.”

Kajol’s red saree and wearing jewelry of your photos in a beautiful collage and wrote, “by 2020, beginning with am looking. You all an excellent new year’s compliments.”

Varun Dhawan at the moment their girlfriends Natasha broker with Switzerland in the New Year holidays are having and he did this during his share a picture of in which he with Natasha snow, surrounded by eye are coming. Its in the caption he wrote, “the snow here tend to stay. You all the years 2020 happy.”

Actress Sara Ali Khan on Instagram and wrote “You all joyful, peaceful, auspicious and one of the Best New Year’s wishes.”

Bipasha Basu wrote, “Happy New Year. Let’s 2020 your life the better years make.”

Free royal to his fans wrote, “Happy New Year. God you all your pleased maintain.”

Direction Patani writes, “it takes years for you to several good surprise came up. Happy New Year.”

Nusrat Bruch wrote, “2020 is calling. Whatever happened, a possible range found and whatever learned, thankful for all I am. Goodbye 2019, your will miss out! To all Happy New Year.”

Published: 01 Jan 2020 10:10 PM

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