Shweta Tiwari damages her expensive car while rehearsing for Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

शूट के दौरान Shweta Tiwari की कार हुई डैमेज, अपनी गाड़ी का इस्तेमाल पड़ गया भारी

Publish Date: | Wed, 04 Dec 2019 01:58 PM (IST)

Shweta Tiwari these days, plenty of discussion in there. Three years later he Varun del the post ‘my dad of the bride’ from TV on the return. In this show he get the coin of character playing A is. Your this character brilliantly to play every scene to perfect the purpose of making from rehearsal to also not afraid is. He had a scene to shoot where did Shweta’s character get to Amber’s character is playing Varun del car from the bumping was. Shweta said that this scene took an interesting anecdote told that he This scene of the rehearsal for your expensive car only games are given.

Shweta according to the, ‘since the show the state is on the background so the whole cast promo shoot and the early episodes to Delhi he was buried. It was a long day out shoot the rehearsal and the Seine to the full, we have had little time. I driving the car know I am but I Seine for the practice was doing. I amber of to Are was. I Sean many times, rehearsals have had and finally my car a little damage in. It’s a funny scene, and I was Varun’s leg pulling was that I at least Sean to bad driving then.’

Show my dad of the bride-father and daughter relationship is based on and the daughter of his father, the loneliness is realized, and he for their partner start looking for cheats. ‘Test of life’ in the inspiration Sharma from the roll of famous Shweta big boss also the only wicket-taking bowler longer stack. He court, Sajan-Rays don’t lie, upbringing – some sour some sweet and gallant in the eye are done. The last time them Begusarai was seen in her three years after my dad’s from the bride of the return is.

The other spouse innovative Kohli with their fights cause she in the spotlight was and this relationship is poisonous to infection told. Please tell that Shweta Tiwari digital debut is also. He is Ekta Kapoor’s ZEE5 show you we end ‘ em: children of side effects in the bold avatar will be seen in. This show trailer is viral is going on.

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