DarkMatter’s Act of web espionage makes Mozilla Firefox nerves throbbing, says Reuter

Mozilla Firefox

DarkMatter is a United-Arab Emirates-based company; it is under a root Certificate Authority and has potentials to decrypt traffic, which are under its influence. According to DarkMatter is a cyber-security company, which wants the digital society to be more cyber-resilient and extend holistic digital maturity to be in tandem with modern business logic. Cybersecurity is a challenging area, as ensuring data safety is a very tough process. Various browsers, like Mozilla, rely on authorities, who are there to verify and assign certificates for providing secure browsing.

Mozilla is one of the dependable leaders as they have a transparent approach and is public friendly in approach, they trusted on scientific sources while deciding whether to believe or not any certifying authority, but nor they will also have to rethink over this policy of their Company. Recently reports are coming up that prove DarkMatter is using networks to gain illegitimate access to the confidential sources; thus Mozilla (the Firefox Browser maker) is planning whether to trust or not to trust DarkMatter as a certifying authority.

As per www.thewindowsclub.com, Project Raven was into hacking accounts of many human rights activists, officials of rival government, journalists and other such essential personalities. In January Reuters reported that DarkMatter provides employees for a secret hacking operation named “Project Raven.” Most of the members of this unit are ex-US intelligence officials, who are into offensive operations against the UAE government.

Marshall Erwin, who is the Trust and Security Director of Mozilla is worried that if the allegation is true, then what are the probability that DarkMatter has used Mozilla’s Certification authority for this offensive hacking purpose. DarkMatter and the UAE Embassy in Washington are entirely silent after such allegations. Till now, Mozilla didn’t mention anything about the prolonged existence of their relation with DarkMatter, as there are no stern proofs against the Cyber-security company, but we expect a declaration very soon.


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